The 9’s Tarot Card Meaning – Swords, Wands, Cups and Coins

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The 9’s Tarot Card Meaning. This is a post covering the suit of 9’s in the traditional tarot card deck.

9's Tarot Card Meaning

The 9’s Tarot Card Meaning Summary

ThemeIntellect, ideas, and scienceStrength, will and ambitionEmotions, creativity & renewalWealth, health & abundance
AstrologyGemini, Aquarius, LibraAries, Leo, SagittariusCancer, Pisces, ScorpioCapricorn, Taurus, Virgo
The 9’s – Card MeaningLetting irrational fears and thoughts take over.Near completion of a cycle. Go forth with inner strength and fortitude.Loving what you have but too much contentment can be a bad thing.Having what you need and living comfortably. Accomplishment

Numerology of the #9 (Themes)

  • The Number 9 is completion but NOT finality in the cyclical sense, process of transformation, compassion and kindness for the greater good.
  • Positive energetics of the Number 9 – through life experiences come transformation and inner wisdom, leading by example, respect for others and a willingness to help.
  • Negative energetics of the Number 9 – resentment, sacrificing the self for others too much, experiencing suffering and struggle.


9's tarot card meaning
9 of Swords from the Tarot of the Ages deck


  • Themes – Intellect, ideas, science, unemotional, bold, calculations
  • Element – Air
  • Astrology Signs – Gemini, Aquarius, Libra
  • Direction – East

9 of Swords Meaning

  • The moon, Mutable / Gemini energy
  • Anxiety and bad dreams over things that aren’t really as bad as it seems. Thinking bad things will happen and letting irrational fears or thoughts take over. Worrying about too many things that aren’t real. 
  • Represents a time plagued by worries  – worry about the future and  anxiety about the past. 
  • As a guide – this card tells us when the anxiety or worry comes it is time to tap into our tools  and inner powers. 
  • Nightmare card – one’s mind is making a hell of heaven. It’s a message that yes things may be bad but they are not as bad as they appear to be. (Chicken little). The sky is not falling and the best approach is to look at tangible facts and evidence and to count blessings and stay grounded.

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Wands / Batons

9 of Wands from the Tarot of the Ages deck

Wands / Batons

  • Themes – Inspiration, primal energy determination, strength, will, ambition.
  • Element – Fire
  • Astrology Signs – Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
  • Direction – South

9 of Wands Meaning

  • Moon and Mutable / Sagittarius energy
  • This card represents the completion of a cycle. There is nowhere else to go, you are there. 
  • Bravery, level head and indicates going forth with fortitude and inner strength. Not bowing to outside influence. The force is in you. This card is about staying power and fortitude. 
  • Gut and drive. This card shows up when it’s time to do a gut check and it’s time to show your true grit.

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9 of Cups from the Tarot of the Ages deck


  • Themes – emotions, love, healing, renewal, creativity, divination, intuition
  • Element – Water
  • Astrology Signs – Cancer, pisces, and scorpio
  • Direction – West

9 of Cups Meaning

  • Moon and mutable / Pisces energy 
  • You are near complete of a cycle. 
  • Friend energy
  • A happy card with a warning. Love what you have but don’t overdo it. Being comfortable and content could become too much of a good thing. 
  • This card also represents wish fulfillment. Big wins are coming so don’t give up. Be grateful for all things – anyone’s luck could shift in any direction. 
  • This card says use visualization to map your your future and your goals. Be humble but don’t underestimate your own power. 
  • Emotional happiness in all forms however the accompanying lesson is that sometimes getting lost in happiness can be dangerous. Be careful that that being lost in the ecstasy may prevent someone from seeing clearly

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Pentacles / Coins

9 of Pentacles from the Tarot of the Ages deck

Pentacles / Coins

  • Themes – Corporeal, finances, practicality, grounding, health, wealth, manifestation
  • Element – Earth
  • Astrology Signs – Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo
  • Direction – North

9 of Pentacles

  • Moon and Mutable / Virgo energy
  • Represents near completion of cycle – fruition, gratitude, gain, something accomplished, karma, gain based on effort, something you worked for. 
  • Potential wealth. Earthly happiness. Abundance but not prosperity, having more than enough for what you need and living comfortably.

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