Tax Prep Planner Layout To Do List

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Tax Prep Planner Layout

In the video linked above, I walk through how I create my tax prep planner layout every year.

I find this layout helps me organize all of the information I need to pull together and it also allows space for questions – including a way to document the additional items my tax professional may request.

I find it helpful to include this information in my planner every year because it is nice to have an archive to refer to when I start thinking about preparing for taxes again the next year.

Tax Prep Planner Layout

Please note my DISCLAIMER 

  • I am NOT a tax professional. This video is NOT intended to show WHAT a person should be putting on their to-do list to prepare for their taxes.
  • This is just to show HOW I create my layout to organize my “taxes” to-do list every year.
  • Please consult with your own tax professional on exactly what information you need to collect for your particular situation.
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