The Adventure Challenge (Couples edition)

The Adventure Challenge (Couples edition)

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The Adventure Challenge (Couples edition)

What is the Adventure Challenge?

The Adventure Challenge Couples Edition is an interactive book that calls you and a loved one to do mysterious adventure challenges that you won’t discover until you scratch off and find out! (NOTE: they also have a “Friends” edition and a “Family” edition)

Please note that we haven’t tried any of the adventures yet so cannot share any details on whether we enjoyed them or not.

Clues about the mysterious adventures are provided

  • Icons are provided to give you clues as to what an adventure might entail.
  • The image below shows the rules of the challenge and it also provides a legend on how to assess the costs, timing and duration of the adventure before you choose to do the scratch off.
    • Dollar Sign ($) = Approximate cost of the adventure
    • Clock = By what time the adventure should start
    • Hour glass = Approximate duration of the adventure
  • The image below shows the icons that will give tiny clues as to what the adventure may entail so you can decide if you do the scratch off.
  • As you can see, the icons will provide clues about whether or not food will be involved, day or night time activity, indoor or outdoor, at home or away, is preparation needed and many more

What an Adventure Challenge page looks like…

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