The Difference between a Generator and Manifesting Generator

The difference between a generator

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Generators vs Manifesting Generators – what makes them different? What makes them the same? In the article below I break it down at a high level.

The Difference between a Generator and a Manifesting Generator

The Bodygraph Chart [heading 3]

  • A pure Generator Energy Type has the Sacral Energy Center Defined in the bodygraph chart.
  • When the Sacral Energy Center is defined AND there is a motor center (ego, sacral, root, or solar plexus) connected directly to the Throat Energy Center – this is what makes someone a Manifesting Generator Energy Type.

Key Differences

  • Pure Generators are more likely to master a craft throughout their life. They will build on it and build on it. It doesn’t mean they will do the same job for a lifetime but they will build on the same skill set.
  • Manifesting Generators are designed to pivot more often and live a non-linear path. Following this non-linear path, the MG will always encounter a lesson, a new skill, or something to teach. Nothing they are truly interested in is a waste of time. This energy is asking them to follow their bliss.

Similarities between Generators and Manifesting Generators

  • Both have defined (or colored in) Sacral Energy Centers
  • They are here to create, to lift others, to share, and to magnetize. When they are doing things they love, they create energy. These people have an “attracting” aura and can have a sparkly energetic aura.
  • They are here to dance with life and engage their energy to move their community forward in a way that is meaningful to them. They are also the natural hustlers and doers of society.

How to Find Your Energy Type

  • Go to and go to “Get Your Chart”.
  • Input your birth details including birth day, birth time, and birth location.
    • NOTE – Information in the bodygraph chart is VERY sensitive to birth time so it is important to have an accurate birth time if possible.
  • On the right-hand side of the report under “Chart Properties,” you will see your Energy Type

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