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The Perfect Planner for Tarot Lovers

The Planner for Tarot or Oracle Card Lovers

I discovered this really cool planner for Tarot or Oracle card lovers and wanted to share a bit more about this planner. I purchased the Semi-Annual Undated Tarot Journal that was printed and shipped to me. Keep in mind that this blog post is based on this planner. The other two options you have to purchase may be a bit different when it comes to layouts etc.

Here are some things to know about this company and their planner:

Structure of this Planner (Semi-Annual Undated version)

  • Calendar Features – Two pages of instructions on how to use the planner including suggestions for 3 card spreads.
  • Astrological Reference Guide – Anyone who studies the tarot knows that there are many connections to astrology in the traditional deck like the Smith-Waite Tarot Deck (paid link) These two pages provide lots of information on the astrological symbols including the planets, houses, signs, elements, aspects etc.
  • Tarot Card Meaning Cheat Sheet – There are also two pages of information about tarot card meanings including upright, reversed, major, and minor arcana.
  • My Personal Birth Chart – There are also two pages where you can enter your own astrological birth chart information. To complete these pages, I recommend referencing astro-charts.com and cafe astrology free birth charts. Also, be sure to check out my YouTube video on how I decided to set up my own birth chart in this planner.
  • Monthly Calendar View Layout (undated) – with space to document what is important for the month.
  • Monthly Planning and Tarot Layout (2 page spread)
    • The first page has space to capture or document the following:
      • Currently manifesting
      • Holidays / Occasions
      • Don’t Forget
      • The Month’s Priorities
      • Looking forward to
      • Feeling Inspired by
      • Biggest Challenges Ahead
      • Need to Go of
      • Monthly Goals and Tasks
      • This Month’s Highlights
    • The second page offers a month layout for a tarot reading – a 6 card spread
  • Weekly / Daily Layout (2 page spread)
    • There is space to pull a card for the week (energy of the week)
    • The layout includes the days of the week (Monday – Sunday) plus a 3 card spread for each day of the week.
  • The Cycle Continues…
    • Monthly calendar view
    • Monthly Planning and Tarot Layout
    • Weekly / Daily Layout pages for each month

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