Three of Cups Tarot Guide

Three of Cups Tarot Guide

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This post is intended to be a mini Three of Cups Tarot Guide. It is important to mention that the longer you work with the cards the more you will discover how they speak to you. For example, the Three of Cups does have a theme and traditional meaning but I recommend leaving “space” for the card to speak to you. Over time, you may discover that the card represents unique insights or themes for you personally.

Suit of Cups Summary

Numerology of the #3 – Themes

  • Fruition and amplification of the status quo
  • Optimism, Curious, Unique Thinking, Finding New Solutions
  • Communication, Connection, Creativity and Creative Expression
  • Magnetic and Attractive

Three of Cups Tarot – Upright Meaning

  • Represents Saturn, Cardinal / Cancer Energy. 
  • Camaraderie among groups, allies, harmony, strength of friendship and celebration of the community. Celebrating a union or a social event. The querent has an abundance of community or family support in their life and this support will be key in the current situation.
  • This card can also represent an abundance of emotions but it also corresponds to the liberal and creative arts (dancing, music, writing, poetry, acting). 
  • 3 way relationships of different kinds
  • It can represent friends sharing a common goal and they are stronger together.

Shadow Side of the Three of Cups

  • The 3 of Cups reversed can represent someone spending more timing at play than with work. Too much fun can result in a challenging situation. Someone is withholding their talents and not tapping into them. 
  • Procrastination and boredom.
  • This card can also represent a situation where the querent is celebrating a success too early – there is more than meets the eye and it’s too early to celebrate.
  • Sacrificing aspects of the self in order to fit in.

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