Time Blocking within a Weekly Layout

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In this post, I walk through a weekly planner layout with time blocking.

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Weekly Layout with Time Blocking

I wanted to create a weekly layout view that has a little more structure with time blocking. You may like this layout if you:

  • Like to work in your planner every day
  • Understanding or knowing the details feels important to you when it comes to projects, experiences or situations?
  • Planning for the future and/or creating timelines feels good and supportive to your daily life.
  • Consistency in your day feels supportive
  • Like to use time blocking as a time management tool
Weekly Layout with Time Blocking

In this weekly layout includes:

  • Weekly view (Mon – Sunday)
  • Time blocks (6am – 9pm)
  • Priority List
  • To-Do List
  • Daily Tracker options

Items used in the creation of this layout:

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