Tips for Specific Manifestors

Tips for Specific Manifestors

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In this article, I share tips for specific manifestors. Your Human Design chart tells whether or not you should listen to the external voices that tell you to be as specific as possible when manifesting. Are you a specific (or non-specific) manifestor? Find out below!

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How to know if you are a specific manifestor

  • Go to and go to “Get Your Chart”.
  • Input your birth details including birth day, birth time, and birth location.
    • NOTE – Information in the bodygraph chart is VERY sensitive to birth time so it is important to have an accurate birth time if possible.
  • When you get your chart look at the arrow on the bottom right side of the chart. (See image above). If that arrow points left you are a specific manifestor. (If that arrow point right – see the article linked below because that means you are a non-specific manifestor.)

What it means to be a Specific Manifestor

  • You are designed to be very specific on how you want things to look and work out in your life. 
  • It is energetically correct for you to say, “I want this thing and I am going to get it in a healthy balanced way”.
  • Specific manifestors thrive on the process of choosing what they want down to the last little detail. They know exactly what they want to be excited about their manifestation. 

Tips for Specific Manifestors

  • Try being very clear and detailed about the things on your manifestation list. Have fun getting into the details! Clearly articulate exactly what you want. Instead of vague statements like “I want a new job,” specify the type of job, the position, the company, the location, and even the salary range. Also, include sensory details where possible by describing what your ideal situation looks like, sounds like, and feels like.
  • Leverage lists and goal setting as supportive tools for your manifestations. Break down larger goals into smaller, specific steps and then take aligned action.
  • When you are reinforcing your manifestations with tools like journaling or vision boards, visualize or journal about your goals with as much detail as possible. Imagine the sounds, smells, and feelings associated with achieving your desires.
  • Be sure to say “NO” to the things that are not exactly what you want. Be clear especially when it comes to setting boundaries.
  • Just because you are a specific manifestor does NOT mean the manifestation process should feel cumbersome to you. It should feel fun and light. As you are writing down the details of your manifestation – be as detailed as feels GOOD to you. 

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