Tools 4 Wisdom Planner Walk-through

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2021 Tools 4 Wisdom Planner

Tools 4 Wisdom Planner (paid link) – Forest Path Hardcover

Tools 4 Wisdom Planner Features

  • 15 months included so you can start anytime
  • Spiral Bound
  • Large size – 11″ x 9.5″ (less than an inch thick)
  • This planner is heavy – it weighs a little more than two pounds
  • Hardcover with many options for cover art 
  • Tabbed months
  • Back pocket
  • Black ribbon bookmark

Outline of Planner Structure

See pictures of these sections below

  • Where am I now? Where do I want to be? How do I get there?
  • Personal Goals and ideas
  • Areas of Focus
  • Goal Mindmap / What Goal am I trying to accomplish – and why is it important? (4 sets
  • 2020 Year at a Glance
  • 2021 Year at a Glance
  • Each Month Has
    • Notes for next Month
    • A Monthly View
    • Monthly Priorities Master List
    • Essential Goals – Month of x
    • Weekly view pages
    • Reflections for next month
  • Bill Payment calendar
  • Essential Contacts
  • Two sticker pages

Summary of how this helps with goals

If I were working through this planner to help with goal setting, I would do the following:

  • First, work through the “Where am I now? Where do I want to be? How do I get there?” page first.
  • Next, work through “Areas of Focus” pages.
  • Write a first draft of goals on the “Personal Goals and Ideas” page
  • Use the Goal Mindmaps to flesh out four key goals for the year. 
  • Write a “final draft” of top 4 goals on the “What Goal am I trying to accomplish…” (4 pages pages provided across from the mindmaps)
  • Take these goals through the year by breaking them down into monthly and weekly actions as provided in the planner pages. (See pages below)

You might like this planner if you…

  • Don’t mind a large, heavy planner
  • Would like structure and prompts to help with goal setting for 2021
  • Want an predated planner
  • Want to start before January – this planner starts in October 2020
  • Want a planner that is colorful and interesting to write in
  • Like a planner that comes with stickers

You may not like this planner if you…

  • Are looking to spend under $40
  • Want a planner that is grab and go
  • Just want a simple schedule / appointment tracking
  • Want an undated planner

Where to buy this planner

Tools 4 Wisdom 2021 Planner (paid link)

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Photos of this planner

Where am I now and where do I want to be?
Personal Goals and Ideas Worksheet
Areas of focus (page 1)
Areas of Focus (page 2)
What Goal am I trying to accomplish?
Notes for Next Month
End of Month Reflections
Monthly View
Monthly Priorities
Monthly – Essential Goals
Weekly View (1st page)
Weekly View (Page 2)
Bill Payment Calendar
Contacts Page
Stickers (1st page)
Stickers (2nd page)
Back inside cover

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