Top 3 Best Tarot Decks

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In this article, I will share my perspective on the top 3 best tarot decks. For each deck, I will share WHY I love it and also any aspects of the deck that I don’t love. Because the artwork inside of a tarot deck is VERY important to me, I am guessing it is for you too, I  will also include links to video flip throughs of each deck so you can see the artwork on each card inside the deck

But first, why use tarot cards?

  • Tarot cards are a tool that can help you gain insight and guidance
    • Through the energy of synchronicity, tarot cards offer a unique perspective on life’s challenges and can provide some ideas on how to navigate through the challenges you are currently facing. 
  • A tool for self-reflection
    • Tarot cards can be a tool for self-reflection and self-discovery because it gives you clues that help you have a deeper understanding of yourself including your emotions or what might be going on in the situation.
  • Connect with your intuition or higher self
    • The colors, symbols, images and meanings of tarot cards can help individuals connect with their inner wisdom. When you see a card, memories, thoughts or impressions may come to you immediately. This is your intuition or higher self speaking to you.
  • They can be fun!
    • For some people, Tarot cards can be a fun and entertaining way to gain insight and perspective on life’s challenges

The Light Seers Tarot Deck by Chris-Anne

Why I love this deck?

  • The cards are freaking beautiful with a boho flair! They are colorful, symbolic and each card tells a story. If you really study each card you definitely get a vibe and can get a sense of the meaning of the card just by looking at the imagery.
  • I love the creative use of animals in this deck. For example, the suit of swords cards are represented by crows or ravens instead of swords like in traditional decks. 
  • These cards feel like magic when you use them and my clients absolutely love this deck and we have great results! 
  • You can find this deck here – LIGHT SEERS TAROT DECK

Things I DO NOT love about it

  • The quality of the deck I purchased could be better. The cards are beautiful and appear sturdy; however, after frequent use the edges of the cards are starting to wear a bit. That said, I enjoy these cards so much I am willing to buy a new deck when this one falls apart LOL!
  • The cards are thick and a bit more difficult to shuffle sometimes.

Video Flip Through of the Light Seers Tarot Deck

Dark Wood Tarot Deck by Sasha Graham and Abigail Larson

Why I love this deck?

  • This deck has a dark fairy tale aesthetic and the art is amazing! Think Red Riding Hood meets Camelot.
  • The book that comes with this deck is robust and very helpful in understanding the meanings of the cards. I frequently reference this book as I work with the cards because it is so good.
  • This deck is easy to shuffle because the cards are a nice size and not too “thick” 
  • You can find this deck here – DARK WOOD TAROT DECK

Things I DO NOT love about it

  • The quality could be a bit better – with frequent use there is some wear on the edges of the cards.

Video Flip Through of the Dark Wood Tarot Deck

Tarot Familiars Deck by Lo Scarabeo 

Why I love this deck

  • This is my “Go-To” deck for “Yes / No” questions that come up in readings. See why below…
    • (Stay tuned – I plan to create a future post on how to use tarot cards for answering “Yes/No” questions)
  • The quality of this deck is great! I use it often and there is STILL very little wear and tear. The edges of the cards are holding up nicely.
  • I love the “wizardy” themed artwork. It’s chock full of owls, wolves, magic books, cats, witches brooms, and magic wands.
  • You can find this deck here – TAROT FAMILIARS DECK

Things I don’t like about it

  • The only thing I would change about this deck is that I would have included more magical animals in the suits cards.

Video Flip Through of the Tarot Familiars Deck

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