Travel Bucket List Planner Layout

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This year I decided to go with an Erin Condren Monthly Calendar instead of creating my planner from scratch like I have done every year. For a full walk-through of how I set up the Erin Condren planner including layouts for blank pages – check out this post.

So I recently relocated to a new state after living in the midwest my entire life and I am lucky to find myself in a state that has decent weather year round. I wanted to create a bucket list of safe, outdoor activities that I could check off over the next year.

I wanted to try and find places or experiences that were little outside of the box so I did some research on potential places that might be interesting. The website to be incredibly fun and helpful in finding some cool places to put on my list.

Travel Bucket List

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Here are the steps I took to create my travel bucket list for Florida:

  • First, I researched a list of places I wanted to go or things I wanted to experience (considering the current environment). I also researched the general location of each and wrote out a draft making sure to group items that are in close proximity to each other.
  • I found an image of the state that I live in (Florida) and copied the image into Word and re-sized the photo so that it was the size I wanted.
  • Once I got it to the right size, I printed the image.
  • I used the image as a guideline to use a pencil to trace the image onto the page on the left-hand side of my open planner.
  • When I got the shape to a good place I then outlined with a black calligraphy pen
Travel Bucket List Layout
  • Next I took the draft list of location / activities and began to plotted the location by number.
  • On the right-hand page of the planner is where I listed the activities / events by location number so I could refer to them over time and check them off again later.
  • After all of the locations / events were plotted I added hand drawn art for fun.
Final Version

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