Two of Pentacles Tarot Guide

Two of Pentacles Tarot

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This post is intended to be a mini Two of Pentacles Tarot Guide. It is important to mention that the longer you work with the cards the more you will discover how they speak to you. For example, the Two of Pentacles does have a theme and traditional meaning but I recommend leaving “space” for the card to speak to you. Over time, you may discover that the card represents unique insights or themes for you personally.

Suit of Pentacles Summary

Numerology of the #2 – Themes

  • Feminine force / energy
  • Brings peace and balance
  • Dualism
  • Partnerships
  • Coming together or two things: people, ideas, things
  • Harmony and teamwork
  • Mediation – being able to see both sides

Two of Pentacles Tarot – Upright Meaning 

  • Represents cardinal / capricorn energy
  • The Two of Pentacles represents a positive energy and there is a choice or decision to be made. Both decisions are valid and the querent should choose the one they want carefully. Take time to meditate on the choices because practicality is what is best right now.  This will lead to a harmonious change. 
  • This card also represents the need to work smarter, not harder and roll with the punches. Flexibility may be required. Pick a poison but don’t bite off more than you can chew. 
  • Questions to consider:
    • What do you need in your life that could bring more balance? Find new ways to ground yourself.
    • Am I being realistic in considering my options? Take time to evaluate your options. 
    • There are choices to work with but what do Ireally want?  

Shadow Side of the Two of Pentacles

  • The Two of Pentacles reversed can indicate that the querent has too much going on and may be trying to do too much at once. It is time to prioritize ruthlessly – focus and concentrate.
  • This card in reverse can also indicate having to choose between two projects or opportunities. 
  • There may be instability in the seekers financial life due to some missteps or foolish actions.

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