Undated Planners – Pros and Cons

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Undated Planners - Pros and Cons

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The first time I heard about undated planners I truly did not understand why someone would create an undated planner. I read reviews on Amazon and discovered that some people LOVE them and others, not so much. It wasn’t until I talked to a friend who also loves planners and she explained why she likes them – the big reason being that if she misses a month she hasn’t wasted money or time – in fact, she can use the planner that much longer.

Here is what I have learned about undated planners

PROS for Undated Planners

You can start it anytime

  • Undated planners can be started any time of the year. You don’t have to worry about whether it’s January or July (for academic calendars). For example, if you like the start of your year to be your birthday month – undated planners can make that happen, no problem

You can skip a month

  • A pandemic happens and all of a sudden there is no point in planning anything. If you had an undated planner in this scenario – you can take a hiatus from planning and not worry about missing something or wasting the money you spent on the planner. That planner will still be there for you when you are ready to start planning things again

Digital Undated planners can be used indefinitely

  • If you buy an undated DIGITAL planner, this planner can be used indefinitely. All you do is go back to the original file and use it again the next year. This is an amazing value for the money you would spend on a digital planner.

Undated planners are often customizable

  • This doesn’t apply to ALL undated planners but many of them tend to be pretty customizable so you can modify and set things up the way that works best for you. For example, if you like your week to start on Sunday vs. Monday – you can do that. If you like to be super creative and use colored pens for titles – you can do that too.

CONS for an Undated Planner

The Set Up

  • Because the planner is undated that means that it needs to be set up every year, month, week etc. If you don’t have time for this or don’t enjoy it you are better off grabbing an already dated planner.


  • You don’t have time, energy or the creative spark for all of that jazz. You want to buy a planner and be able to use it the moment you take it out of the box.

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