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It's time to break through the things holding you back
from having abundance…

...become the hero in your own life.

Do any of these describe your current situation?

Money is more than just currency; it's energy and a beautiful tool that empowered women like us will leverage for good things.

It's a resource—something you're inherently worthy of. And it's a resource that can be used for good, to craft the life we desire and shape the world around us.

unlock your money code

Together, we’ll build a new relationship with money—one grounded in empowerment, worthiness, and abundance.

That’s where Unlock Your Money Code comes in. This transformative course is designed to help you identify, challenge, and dismantle the limiting beliefs that have kept you from fully embracing financial abundance.

Together, we’ll build a new relationship with money—one grounded in empowerment, worthiness, and abundance.

The initial launch of this self-paced course is designed to help you improve your relationship with money through the Human Design framework. I have pulled out the essential aspects of Human Design and how these insights help us unblock the things holding us back from having an abundant life.

PLEASE NOTE – When you purchase this course at the current price, you are locking in LIFETIME ACCESS to a course that will expand and grow to include new content over time. 

We should not rely on just ONE tool or modality to help us unblock and create abundant life. What works for one, doesn’t work for all.

Growth and change are personal to each of us and we all have a multi-headed hydra to “fight”. Even Batman has more than one “toy” to fight the bad guys. 🙂

This course CURRENTLY focuses on how Human Design can unlock abundance in our lives and will expand to include additional content and tools from the following areas – Astrology, Reiki (visualizations), manifestation, tarot / oracle cards, and other energetic allies.

In this first iteration of Unlock Your Money Code, the key is to understand how our energy is designed to work but also discover the money blocks we were born with and how to “unblock” them.

Here is what you will learn in this course. You will…

  • Understand how to embrace your personal Human Design to experience alignment and attract the abundance meant for you in this life.
  • Identify the specific energies or themes blocking your path to abundance.
  • Discover practical ways to unblock the things that are holding you back

Unlock Your Money Code IS for you If…

Unlock Your Money Code Is NOT for you If…

You may be wondering who I am…

My name is Tiffany – I am a multi-passionate woman who loves personal development and all things magick! When I discovered Human Design, I instantly knew that it was going to be a long love affair!

Since the beginning, I have been interested in how Human Design can be used as a tool to help us not only understand ourselves but also how we can understand each other – especially in relationships. I should mention that I am NOT dogmatic in my approach to Human Design. Nothing is black and white and we should never put ourselves in a box. That said, Human Design is one of many tools that help us transform our understanding of ourselves and others as we move through life.

Because I am multi-passionate, I have been channeling this energy into my blog to create a helpful resource library for those with shared interests. You can find my blog at www.aluxuriousmind.com.  When I am not working on my various passions, you will find me at home chilling with my husband and my fur children, playing video games, indulging in documentaries, and shamelessly watching reality TV shows.

unlock your money code

What's Inside Unlock Your Money Code...

Module 1 Welcome and Prep

I share why Human Design can be a tool to unblock abundance. You will also discover your Human Design bodygraph chart and identify the information you will need to work through the course.

  • Worksheets and an eBook designed to support your journey.
  • Forever access to ALL future content that is added to this course.


Module 2 Your Manifestation Strategy

In this module, you will learn how to manifest what you want in life based on your specific energy type and human design.


Module 3 Unlock Your Saturn Gate

In this module, you will learn…

  1.  What the “Saturn Gate” is and what it means for money and abundance
  2. How to find your “Saturn Gate”.
  3. Discover the themes and energies that are tied to your “Saturn Gate”
  4. Learn how to unlock or unlock the energies of your “Saturn Gate”

Module 4 Unlock Your Jupiter Gate

In this module, you will learn…

  1. What the “Jupiter Gate” is and what it means for money and abundance
  2. How to find your “Jupiter Gate”.
  3. Discover the themes and energies that are tied to your “Jupiter Gate”
  4. Learn how to unlock or unlock the energies of your “Jupiter Gate”

Module 5 Unlock Abundance

This module improves communication in partnerships by offering insights into how you and your partner are designed to communicate. When we understand our communication strengths and weaknesses it opens the door for understanding, grace, and mutual support.


Module 6 Wrap Up

A summary of key takeaways along with the next steps.

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unlock your money code

Unlock Your Money Code

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You can expect that this self-led course will evolve over time and new content will be added. Human Design isn’t the only lens we will use to unlock abundance in our life. Inside each module, you will find a video lesson and worksheets that include guidance, reflective prompts, and space for notes. 

 This course isn’t merely a collection of lessons; it’s a journey of transformation! With lifetime access and future updates, you’ll have ongoing support as you evolve in your relationship with money. As I continue to deepen my own understanding and expand the course content, you’ll benefit from a wealth of new insights and perspectives each year.

No. I specifically designed this course so that anyone can benefit from the perspective that the Human Design framework offers us in relationships. If you have never had a reading or have never even seen your Human Design chart, I have you covered! Module 1 is designed to get you set up.

This course is self-led so you may take as much time as you need to complete it. When you have completed payment you will instantly have access to ALL modules. Feel free to move through this course at your own pace. You will also have access to ALL content that is added in the future.

Although our policy is no refunds on digital products, I want to ensure that you have a chance to review my teaching style and determine if it is a right fit for you. So, if after reviewing the initial content you feel this course is not for you, please email us at aluxuriousmind@gmail.com within 48 hours of your purchase (and If you have not consumed more than the first module) and we will process your refund.

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