Weekly Layouts Might Be for You if…

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Weekly Layouts Might Be for You if...

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Weekly Layout from the Moonlit Forest Digital Planner which can be found in
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Weekly Layouts might be for you if…

Many planners (printed or digital) have a weekly layout option and some of us really like to use these layouts and some of us really feel like these layouts do not align with how our brains work. 

Below is a list of 4 reasons a weekly layout might (or might not) work for you

  • If the information below resonates and feels supportive – give weekly layouts a try to organize your life.
  • If the information below does NOT resonate with you, I would suggest giving yourself the permission to ignore the weekly layouts in your planners from now on…or buy planners that don’t have them or allow you to delete them (if digital)

#1 – You enjoy working in your planner every day

  • Consider using a weekly layout especially if you REALLY enjoy getting into the details and working in your planner every day. If you are someone who likes to have a ritual everyday where you schedule your day – a vertical, weekly layout that allows you to schedule and plot out events each day is likely to feel supportive to you.

#2 – Structure feels good to you

  • If you are someone who likes to know your schedule for the day or the week then you may thrive with tools that help you create that structure for you. There are a variety of weekly layout options out there so find the ones that feel most supportive to you. 

#3 – You like to journal everyday

  • If you like to journal everyday then a weekly layout might be for you. These layouts often provide a little space to jot down reflections or gratitude each day of the week. 

#4 – You have a crazy busy life

  • If your life feels hectic and crazy busy you might feel supported by a tool that allows you to map out all of the things that need to happen each day of the week. Google different weekly layouts and try to find one that works best for you.

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