What if my Human Design Chart Don’t Resonate with Me?

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What if Aspects of my Human Design Chart Don't Resonate with Me?

If you have read descriptions of your Human Design chart and some of it just doesn’t resonate with you…you are not alone. There are aspects of my own chart that feel a little foreign to me as well.

This is very normal and it is important to keep in mind that there is not one system out there including this one that will resonate 100%.

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And you get bonus points for being a critical thinker and not just taking things at face value. There is no reason for trying to fit yourself into a box or a label. That is not the intention here.

Something to keep in mind is that this is why it is called “The Human Design Experiment”. We are here to take in the information, seek to understand it and have a play with it. Its that simple.

If you are not feeling connected to aspects of your chart consider the following:

  • Human Design is not a perfect system but it is definitely a tool that can be experimented with to better understand ourselves and how we can more effectively interact with the world around us.

  • There are aspects of our Human Design that are more conscious to us. And there are other aspects that are more UNCONSCIOUS (the red areas). It’s not a bad idea to call in an objective party and ask others who know you well about those aspects and see what they have to say.

  • If you are experiencing a lot of resistance to something in your chart, consider this an invitation to explore it further. When we encounter shadows aspects of ourselves we often feel resistance. There may be something there….or there may not.

  • Experiment with your strategy and authority for a period of time and see what happens. If after a good faith effort, if it doesn’t work for you or feel right you can always go back to the way you were operating in the world before.

  • Keep in mind that really living our design does not happen overnight. It is a work in progress – a journey of sorts. Keeping it fun and light, being patient and kind to ourselves will go far.

And if Human Design is just not for you, that is fine! There are other systems that may resonate more. I would definitely recommending exploring those as a path to self-discovery and understanding.

Other systems are: Enneagram, Myers-Briggs, Insights, and Strengths Finder to name a few.

If you are interested in all things Human Design, check out the Free Resource Library for free printable PDFs and digital products designed to support your Human Design Journey.

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