What is a Digital Planner?

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What is a digital Planner?

So what is a digital planner? Anyone who knows me, knows that I love notebooks, journals, pens, markers and planners. In fact, I have been known to go to my nearest office supply store for some “office supply therapy”. Not even kidding! So when I heard about digital planners I was like “WTF is THIS?!” And, how can it be a good thing?

This planner can be downloaded for free in the Resource Library

What is a digital planner? Here is what you should know about digital planners, notebooks, and journals in case you are considering making the switch.

A digital planner or journal is NOT an app

  • Digital planners are not apps, software or a printable planner that you put in a binder.
  • A digital planner is a hyperlinked, interactive PDF document that you can download onto your iPad or tablet and write on with your stylus. When you tap on the tabs, it’ll automatically take you to the page you want.

Technology needed to use a digital planner / document

  • To use a digital planner or notebook you need the following:
    • A tablet, ipad, smart phone or computer
    • A stylus or Apple pencil
    • A note taking app such as Goodnotes 5, Noteability, Noteshelf etc.

Digital Planners Support Creativity

  • Digital planners are great for creativity because you can add digital stickers, personal photos and choose any color pens to write with. Note-taking apps offer a wide range of colors for your stylus and also allow you to add new hex colors so you can really choose any color you want.

A Digital Planner customized

  • Most digital planners are designed to be customizable on some level. If this is important to you, read the fine print to understand how customizable the planner will be before you buy.
  • Users can add or delete pages as needed. If you don’t like daily layouts and just want to use weekly – you can do that.
  • Many sellers also offer digital widgets that allow you to modify the layouts in ways that feel more supportive to you.

Digital Planners can go anywhere easily

  • Instead of carrying around a physical planner you can now have your planner at your fingertips on your phone or tablet when you are on the go. (Most note-taking apps can also be accessed on phones, tablets and computers.)

Digital Planners are environmentally friendly

  • Because digital planners are electronic and don’t require paper – you can rest assured that you have saved at least one tree.

Check out the Free Resource Library for planner-related printable PDF’s and digital products.

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