Testimonial 1
"I had the pleasure of having a human design reading with Tiffany a year ago. Prior to my reading, I was not familiar with human design. Tiffany was able to articulate human design with a clarity and passion that even a novice like me could comprehend. Throughout the session it was clear that she has a passion for human design and helping others understand their design and purpose. My reading helped me have a clear grasp of why I am drawn to certain things and process things the way I do. Since her reading, I have been working on leaning more into the authority in my design rather than shutting it down. Her reading has helped me in working towards living a life that is more in alignment based on my design."
Andrea Wilson
Testimonial 2
“Tiffany is amazing. After the reading, I revolutionized my life. I am moving with a better understanding of my energy and this makes everything so easy. She gave me practical tips and information. She literally guided me on my chart. You know what’s the best part? Everything I learned will help me for a lifetime. Now, I can make better decisions. I’ll be forever grateful!”
Testimonial 3
"It was so enlightening!!...Having a pdf is so helpful. I periodically revisit the reading to check in/remind myself. It is such a gift to your clients! I know it was for me. Thank you so much! I am referring my cousin to you too!! So helpful! I'm so curious and lit up by this work!"
Ashley T.
testimonial 4
"As a Life Coach myself, it’s fair to say I’ve done work on myself. I consider myself to be self aware, and pretty enlightened. I was however very curious about Human Design, and booked an appointment with Tiffany. I had no idea how revolutionary it would be. It changed the way I plan my day, track my energy and regulate my productivity levels. I was so blown away by the practical insights it gave me that I get Human Design readings charted out for my Life Coaching clients. Tiffany’s Human Design readings themselves and the way she explains it all is so illuminating. It’s another way to shine a light on how to work WITH your system and not against it. I can’t imagine working WITHOUT that insight, now that I have it. Thank you Tiffany!"
Melissa Rodriguez
Honey, Flower and Moon
Testimonial 5
“It was so brilliant. Tiffany was excellent, really informative and insightful. She explained Human Design super well and I really felt so inspired and also comforted after our reading.”
Alex L.
“I re-listened to the reading you gave me recently and it was so great! I think at the time I was in kind of a tough spot and I really appreciate all of the information you gave me, it helped me move forward down a new path (broke up with boyfriend, moved to Vermont!)”
Elle E.
"The whole experience is amazing. The accuracy of my inmate characteristics coupled with the hidden gems helped me really increase my self awareness....Tiffany was fabulous. She is a true master of her craft and generous with her knowledge and time. I appreciated how she made the complex simple and checked in to make sure it resonated with me. My only suggestion would be that everyone should get a reading with Tiffany."
Heather R.
Testimonial 8
"I just needed to share that our session was life altering for me. It put me in touch with myself and my gifts/strengths and I was able to trust myself more and lean into my gifts. As I was more conscious, most of my relationships were no longer suitable for me."
Christina D.

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