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In this article, I will share information regarding the 6 Senses in Human Design at a high level. In the Human Design Chart, the strongest sense information can be found in the arrows at the top of the bodygraph chart. Because the arrows are very sensitive to birth time it will be important to make sure you have your correct birth time when pulling up your chart.

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Key Points Regarding the 6 Senses

  • Lean into this intuition gently and be open to it.
  • We are always receiving messages from the world around us. These messages give us information about what is beneficial and supportive to our well-being and what is not.
  • When you identify your Strongest Sense, start paying attention to how it shows up in your life. For example, if your strongest sense is “smell” – pay attention to the additional thoughts, insights or information that you get when you walk into the atmosphere of a room.


  • This sense is an energetic feeling. It is the energetics of a place, situation, person etc. It is not about emotions or your mood.
  • You are someone who can walk into a room and you immediately orient yourself to the “vibes’ or energy in that room.
  • You are designed to be tuned into auras, energy fields, and electronic frequencies
    • Consider sleeping and eating away from electronics or put things on airplane mode if you can.
    • Be brave enough to set boundaries or cut off from situations that are negative.

Inner Vision

  • This sense is about having clarity within and seeing things in your mind’s eye. This is the only sense that is not “traditional” because it is about what you see inside your mind.
  • In all areas of your life, you have a special power to envision the things in your mind’s eye before they are made real.  You are here to focus on bringing your inner visions to life. This is your gift to the world. 
    • Strengthen your gift by visualizing things and tapping into your imagination. Engage in free, creative thinking and let your imagination run wild.
    • Develop ways to shut out the world so you can envision what YOU want vs. what other people say or say you SHOULD want.

Outer Vision

  • Vision and what you see through your eyes is your strongest sense and when you are  living according to your ideal digestion, your vision becomes stronger.
  • What you see through your eyes and what you find visually aesthetic is very important because you take in a deeper level of information through your eyes.
    • Only expose yourself to things that are visually appealing to you and do not be afraid to cut out things that are not. If you can do this it will bring flow.
    • Take measures that make you feel better about how things look. 


  • Your sense of smell is heightened. You are literally able to take in the smell of something (e.g., food) and know if it is healthy for you or not. This is how you tap into your bodily wisdom on what is energetically correct for you.
  • Figuratively, you have a high discernment and you know when something is off. “I smell a rat. 
    • Really taking in the smell of your food before you eat it will prime your digestive system.
    • Avoid artificial fragrances. 
    • It is ok for you to be selective. You have a strong sense of discernment and can tell if something is fishy. Anything that makes you scrunch up your nose is wrong for you.


  • Your sense of taste is heightened. You are a “supertaster”. When eating, it is energetically correct for you to really focus on whether or not something tastes good to YOU. If it tastes good to you, then it is healthy for you.
  • Figuratively you are a “tastemaker”. You have the ability to curate what you want in life and what you enjoy. This should be shared with others and could be a big part of the work you are here to do.
    • You need to throw out all the conditioning that you must eat a particular food because it’s “healthy” even if it tastes bad to you. 
    • Consider optimizing your sense of smell and taste – be picky about anything you put in your mouth including water, foods or even the toothpaste you use. 
    • Taste people are often called “mouth readers” because their biggest antenna is the tongue. This is because they are able to take in the air around them through their mouth and glean information. Consider using this gift when assessing food, environments or new people in your life.


  • Individuals with Touch as their strongest sense are people who get the most information about the world through their hands. 
  • When it comes to food, you can feel for the ripest peach and should try not to buy things in plastic. You should include more foods that you can eat with your hands – snack on crackers, pita bread, vegetable sticks or other handheld food before a meal just to get in touch with your hands.
    • This heightened sense of touch applies to the aesthetics of all areas in your life including home, work etc. Consider activities like rearranging flowers, the feel of fabrics, utensils, and clothing. 
    • If you want to understand someone, shake their hand or touch their shoulder because you will get information through your hands. Use your hands in as many situations as possible because the hands will tell you everything you need to know.

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