Best Manifestation Books and Resources

Best Manifestation Books and Resources

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Below is a list of the best manifestation books and resources – in my humble opinion. You will notice that I only have two books listed and I highly favor specific individuals. This is because these individuals’ approaches TRULY resonate with me. I have checked out other manifestation “experts” like Kathryn Zenkina and Abraham Hicks but they haven’t felt as aligned for me as these other manifestation experts have.

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Rich as F*ck: More Money than You Know What to Do With

  • Written by Amanda Francis
  • Where to buy – AMAZON LINK 
  • Why I recommend this book:
    • I have both the digital and audio versions of this book and I have listened to the audio version of this book at least 5 times. It is my #1 go-to for inspiration, ideas, and perspective. When I need a pick-me-up – I listen to this book. When I want to feel empowered – I listen to this book. When I need new manifestation ideas – I listen to this book. When I need to see things in a new way – I listen to this book. 
    • Inside this book you will find the following:
      • So much motivation to manifest and go after the things you want in life
      • Homework in the form of journal prompts at the end of each chapter that asks you to dig deep and reflect on the things holding you back.
      • Manifestation affirmations throughout the book.
      • A fresh perspective on manifestation and how to take your power back
      • I especially like Amanda’s take on being a coach and building a business in general. Her words will leave you feeling empowered to stop listening to others and do things your way.

Manifest Now 

  • Written by Idil Ahmed
  • Where to buy – AMAZON LINK
  • Why I recommend this book:
    • This book was recommended to me by a good friend and was the first manifestation book I ever read. I have read this book about 3 times and what I LOVE about this book is how practical it is. This book offers so many practical manifestation methods and techniques that are easy to try so you can decide which one’s work for you and which ones do not.  
    • This book includes the following:
      • Learn how to use your mental energy to manifest
      • Learn practical ways to raise your vibration
      • Discover a powerful “Manifest Now” technique for manifestation
      • Learn how to release things in your life to create space for new manifestations to come in
      • Affirmations – there are SO MANY affirmations in this book.
      • A 10 day process for manifestation
      • So many good and PRACTICAL manifestation advice, tips and tricks

Planners and Journals

Rich as F*ck Planner – Your Most Abundant Year Yet

  • Written by Amanda Francis 
  • Where to buy – AMAZON LINK
  • Planner structure:
    • Undated, Monday Start weekly layout – you can start this planner anytime you want
    • For each week you have a 2-page spread for the week (Mon – Sunday) and another 2-page spread for a to-do list and short journal prompts: “Things I am releasing”, “Things I am calling in” and “What I am grateful for”
  • Why I recommend this planner
    • This planner is great for two reasons
      • One: This planner is undated so even if you are not able to being consistent, you will never waste a page in this planner. You can always start fresh the next week. 
      • Two: it focuses on the key aspects of manifestation and supports a daily and weekly practice of gratitude, releasing that which isn’t serving you, etc. 
    • Other things I love about this planner…
      • You have the option of using this planner as both a manifestation tool and as a planner to keep track of your schedule. You could also choose to use this as a 100% manifestation tool by using the space under each weekday as a mini journal (add an affirmation, write a desire, capture epiphanies, etc)
      • Each week includes a different affirmation to meditate on or internalize for that week.

Rich as F*ck Journal – The Companion to the Bestselling Book

  • Written by Amanda Francis
  • Where to buy – AMAZON LINK
  • Why I recommend this journal
    • If you love the “Rich as F*ck” book you will love this companion journal. It is designed to be a workbook that you can use as you read each chapter in the book. This journal is ESPECIALLY useful for those with the audiobook because the journal prompts at the end of each chapter are in this journal. For example, the journal prompts described in Chapter 1 of the book, are also listed in the journal with space to answer the prompts. So you will not have to rewrite the journal prompts into a blank notebook. They are already listed for you in this journal.
    • There are powerful affirmations throughout this journal.
    • Each chapter of this journal offers 6 blank pages at the end of the chapter in case you need or want to expand on your journal entries.


Amanda Frances Website

  • What can you find here?
    • Amanda has MANY manifestation resources and courses at a variety of price points.
      • FREE resources via her blog
      • There is a FREE Wealthy Woman Meditation Series which includes 12 meditations
      • She has manifestation courses and course bundles
      • A merch shop dedicated to manifestation and being Rich AF.
  • Why I recommend this website (and Amanda specifically)
    • Clearly, I am a fan of Amanda Francis. She has amazing energy and she LIVES what she “preaches”. I find her to be really down to earth and she is relatable. She cares more about the message and the quality of the information she delivers than she does about the quality of the lighting or whether she is talking through a fancy microphone or not. She is REAL and not fake (imho). I appreciate people who show up as their authentic selves, mistakes and all.

To be Magnetic

  • What can you find here?
    • Lacy Phillips offers a library of resources designed to help you unblock the limiting beliefs that are preventing your manifestations from coming in. Her tools are designed in collaboration with a neuroscience expert and she also offers a community space to ask questions and share experiences.
    • Here is a list of the offerings you will find in her membership…
      • Unblocked Money
      • Unblocked Love
      • Unblocked Inner Child
      • Unblocked Boundaries
      • Rediscover your self-worth in “Rut – How to Get Unstuck”
      • Level up in her “Next Level” module
  • Why do I recommend Lacy’s work?
    • First, I have been a member of her community since 2019 and I have found her approach to be incredibly helpful in my own life. *IF* her approach resonates with you, it can make the manifestation journey fun and insightful. Her work has helped me lessen or completely remove blocks I have had in my own life, especially around relationships and money.


Expanded with Lacy Phillips

  • Podcast linked here – LINK
  • Lacy has done a great job of curating a library of free podcasts that offer new perspectives on how to overcome blocks to manifest the life you want. She interviews experts, gives scientific background on the WHY her methods work, regular Q&A’s, and shares success stories of client experiences and a walk-through of their manifestation process. Here are a few podcast titles to give a sense of the content available in this podcast.
    • “Are you standing in your own way? How to know if you are self-sabotaging.”
    • “How to overcome the perfectionism block and shift your internal Dialogue”
    • “How to find your biggest block”
    • “Reimagining Love, relationships and breaking codependency with Mark Groves and Kylie McBeath”
    • “How to manifest a dream career – The process with Jessica Gill”

And She Rises Podcast

  • Podcast linked here – LINK
  • I don’t know what to say other than Amanda is just magick to me. She may or may not resonate with you but I love her energy and humility and it comes through in this podcast. Here are a few podcast titles to give a sense of the content available in this podcast.
    • “Becoming a Money Mama: Rejecting toxic mom culture and having it all”
    • “Manifest in your sleep + other life-changing money practices”
    • “Financial Overflow: Four principles to unlock massive abundance”
    • “Money 101: Three essential principles for manifesting money”
    • “Overwhelmed AF? Four Things to Remember as a Money Mama”

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