Yearly Tarot Spread – Simple Tarot Reading for Next Year

Yearly Tarot Spread - Simple Tarot Reading for Next Year

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I will be honest. I debated not even putting this tarot spread out there because this is so ridiculously simple I thought, will anybody believe that I actually do this? But I thought, you know what? It’s super simple. Maybe there will be people who appreciate this super simple approach to getting a sense of the year ahead. 

I have been including this spread in my planner every year for the last 10 years. So if you’re looking for a tarot card spread to give you an idea of what’s happening in the next year, this is article is for you

***Disclaimer – Results may vary. 🙂 

An Interesting Story about this Spread

I’ve had some really interesting experiences with this spread – here is one. In December 2019, I pulled 12 cards to represent the 12 months in the coming year of 2020. And I pulled the Tower card for March of 2020. (If you are new to the tarot – the Tower generally represents the collapse of beliefs or structures in life).

At the time this was really upsetting to me and I took it personally. I thought the tower card in March meant that something was going to happen to me. And so I ended up just destroying the whole spread and started all over again because I was in this vulnerable place where I was unable to be objective. And so now I regret that decision obviously, because March of 2020 is when the whole pandemic started. I realize in hindsight that I should have kept that spread because it was dead on.

Instructions and Layout 

  • Shuffle the deck while thinking “What are the general themes that I’m going to be encountering each month during the next year?”
  • When you sense the deck is ready pull out 12 cards off the top and layout as shown in the image above. The first card is January, the second card is February, and so on.
  • Write out the meanings of the card in a journal or notebook to track over the year. 

Final Thoughts

  • It’s been really interesting to see how things play out month to month and I have honestly found that this reading is a little hit or miss. I will have some years when it seems like it’s dead on or some months are dead on with the theme of that month, and then there will be months where it’s completely off.
  • I believe this is a result of the fact that this tarot card spread is looking 12 months out in advance and I think sometimes we lose the magic of synchronicity when we are looking that far out.

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