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Are you a 6/2 profile in Human Design? This post is intended to be a high level guide to the 6/2 profile. It is important to mention that there is nothing you need to do with this information. There is no action for you to take. If this information resonates with you, these aspects are things to recognize, accept and celebrate about yourself. You may choose to live in the flow of these characteristics instead of resisting them.

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Human Design Chart Meanings Library

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What is “Profile” in Human Design?

  • In Human Design, the personality or “profile” is represented as a 2-number combination (e.g., 3/5) and can be seen as an archetype for life.
  • Profile is “the costume” we wear
  • Our profile breaks down the way others see you, the way you see yourself, your path to wisdom, the way you interact with others, and the way you show up in life. 

6/2 Profile – The 2 Number Combination in your Human Design chart

6 = the Sage, Buddha, or Role Model

  • The theme of the “6” aspect is the administrator, the optimist, and the peacemaker

2 = the Natural, Guru, or Hermit 

  • The themes of the “2” aspect are all about natural gifts, inherent knowledge, and self-absorption.

6/2 Profile in Human Design 

Experience life in three phases 

  • The 1st 30 years of life will entail deep involvement in the experience of life. This will be a time when they make one discovery after another and experience lots of trial and error. This process may cause them to close down their heart for fear of failure and hurt. They may also experience mental exhaustion and anxiety, especially during their first 30 years of life. The Saturn return is very important for the 6/2. 
  • The 2nd stage (age 30 – 50) is when the 6/2 will take a break, and find some stability so they can observe life rather than be learning through the discovery process.  During this time they will settle, gain wisdom, and perhaps find a soul mate.
  • In the 3rd stage (after age 50) of life, the 6/2 will re-engage with life discovery and share their gifts from a place of balanced wisdom. 

Here to become the “Role Model” 

  • The life of the 6/2 is about becoming the “role model” or the “exemplary human being”. It is the self they wished existed when they were young.
  • The discovery process during the first 30 years of life is an important part of this journey.
  • During the first two phases of life, the natural genius and innate talents of the 6/2 must be protected and allowed to unfold organically so those gifts can be made available to the world later in life. Their strategy and authority will guide them to the correct people and the correct calls of action.
  • In the journey as a 6/2, they ultimately arrive in a place where they see themselves as a role model. They recognize their gifts and what they bring to the table

They have high standards and are naturally gifted 

  • 6/2’s are born an authority. They are very wise, proficient, and have high standards.
  • They have inherent knowledge and are naturally gifted at certain things but they often can’t explain why.
  • The dichotomy for the 6/2 is that on the one hand, they can be hesitant to allow their gifts and talents to really shine but they have a karma to prove. By overcoming their own reticence to show their talents, they will prove to themselves that they are as good as they believe they are. 
  • A lot of the work for a 6/2 is getting back to seeing themselves as a role model – if they can get there, everything will start to fall into place for them.

Like to have a forest view and external pressure is not a good thing for them

  • A life of harmony for a 6/2 means no agenda or external pressure to prove themselves. Their talents and gifts will naturally evolve and be shared.
  • 6/2’s are often more interested in the broader view of life. Much like a sage, it is this rooftop view that gives them the ability to be removed from the drama of life and allows them to objectively observe and offer a detached viewpoint.
  • They are most interested in things that have depth and meaning. Their point of view is “depth thinking” and they don’t like to let the trivial and irrelevant bog them down.

They have built walls to protect themselves

  • When looking for the perfect mate, the 6/2 wants someone they can stand with, relate to, and be proud of. A potential partner must be bold enough to break through the barriers that 6/2 has put up.  During their first 30 years of trial and error, the 6/2 likely suffered some disillusionment and disappointment in relationships. 
  • Typically, the 6/2 will meet their mate when they enter the retreat phase of life

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