Using Oracle Cards – Tips + Oracle Card Journal

How to Study Oracle Cards

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Using Oracle Cards

This article covers how to study oracle cards including tips for using oracle cards and how to create your own oracle card journal. I will also include a link to a “done for you” Oracle Card Journal and a short list of my favorite oracle decks (below).

My Top 3 Recommendations to Learn the Oracle Deck

Focus on one deck at a time

  • To really learn a deck it is best if you can pick just one deck and work with it over a period of time. I recommend at least 30 days with daily card pulls.

Sit with the cards / card you pulled

  • After the card has been pulled, avoid reading the guidebook at first. Instead, sit with the cards and look at the images, symbols and colors in the card. What comes up for you intuitively? What does it make you feel? What comes to mind?
    • For example, red / orange colors in a card for some people can feel like anger and for others these colors can feel exciting and vibrant. 

Document your experiences

  • Keep an oracle card journal for studying your deck (see prompts listed below) OR keep an oracle card journal for daily or weekly readings. Over time, you will begin to learn how the cards show up for you and what they represent for you..

6 Tips for Using Oracle Cards

  • Each deck is unique and has its own magick. Treat it well by putting it in a magick pouch or box.
  • Don’t only rely solely on the guidebook and try not to overthink your impressions.
  • Infuse each card / deck with your energy – play with them or carry them around.
  • Shuffle well
  • When you pull a card, don’t look at the guide book right away – sit with the card – what comes to your mind? How do you feel? What does your intuition tell you?
  • Pay attention to colors, imagery and symbols in the card – how does it make you feel?

6 Oracle Card Journal Prompts

  • Identify the name of the card and the deck it is from
  • Card Description
  • Symbols in the Card (what do you see?)
  • Standard Interpretation
  • Reversed Meaning
  • Practitioner Notes / Experiences

Where to find a “Done for You” Oracle Card Journal / Grimoire

  • Oracle Card Grimoire – LINK

A List of My Favorite Oracle Decks

  • Medicine Cards: The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals – LINK
  • The Enchanted Map – LINK
  • Foxfire: The Kitsune Oracle – LINK

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