Human Design Life Purpose through the Incarnation Cross

Finding Your Purpose in Life through the Incarnation Cross

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Finding your purpose in life through the incarnation cross

In this article, I am going talk about finding your purpose through the lens of Human Design. Specifically, answering the questions around Incarnation Crosses including…

  • What is an Incarnation Cross? 
  • What does your Incarnation Cross tell you about your purpose in life? What doesn’t it tell you? 
  • How does the energy of the Incarnation Cross show up in your life? 
  • What are the different types of Incarnation Crosses? 
  • Why is the order of the numbers in your Incarnation Cross important?

I also have a video discussing this topic along with a sample chart.  (linked below)

Incarnation Crosses in Human Design: A Reference Guide

What is an Incarnation Cross?

  • Your Incarnation Cross is essentially your life theme. It is your purpose in life and the energy that you are here to bring to the things you do in the world. 
  • There are 192 Incarnation Crosses or life themes
  • Your life theme will naturally come into play if you are living in alignment. This is another reason why it is important to follow your Energy type strategy and authority.
  • The energy of your life theme will usually come into play around your astrological “mid life crisis”. (About age 30s – 40s)
  • Your life theme does not tell you what you are supposed to do with your life – it does not tell you if you are meant to be a lawyer, a doctor, an IT expert or an actor.  You will naturally take the energies of your life theme and bring them to your passions. This is how you will bring the gift of your life theme to impact the collective in some way.

For example (at a high level)

Let’s say there are three different people who have an Incarnation Cross that says “you are here to make things beautiful”. Here are three possible ways this life theme could express itself.

  • Person A has a passion for engineering and loves to build things. During their career as an engineer they start building bridges that are strong, functional but aesthetically beautiful.
  • Person B has a passion for clothing, jewelry and fashion. During their career as a fashion designer they create incredibly beautiful clothing and jewelry. The pieces they create may (or may not) be super practical but they are works of art.
  • Person C loves plants and loves to maintain a garden. Their garden is beautifully designed with beautiful flowers that are colorful and bring joy to themselves and their family. 

How to discover your Incarnation Cross?

  • I recommend going to to get your Human Design chart. Once you are on the site, click “Get Your Chart” at the top of the page and enter your birth details. It is important to be as exact as possible with your birth time in order to generate an accurate chart.

What are the different types of Incarnation Crosses?

I also recommend watching the video above for examples of the different types of Incarnation Crosses listed below.

  • Right Angle Cross
    • You have personal karma which means your purpose will be fulfilled by being self-absorbed (in a good way) and focusing on your personal pursuits. 
  • Left Angle Cross
    • You have transpersonal karma which means your purpose will be fulfilled through other people. You have the potential to alter other people and their life through meaningful personal interactions.
  • Juxtaposition Cross
    • These individuals have a “Bonus Life”. They didn’t carry as much karma as others into this lifetime. This cross is neither personal or transpersonal and is the bridge between the Right and Left angle crosses.

Example chart for Incarnation Cross 

Human Design Life Purpose

Why is the order of the numbers in your Incarnation Cross important?

If you are interested in understanding the meaning of your Incarnation Cross it is important to notice the order of the numbers. The reason this is important is because many of the Incarnation Cross have more than 1 variation. For example, my Incarnation Cross is the Right Angle Cross of Service (58/52 | 18/17). So in my case, there are a total of 4 variations.

  • Right Angle Cross of Service (17/18 | 58/52)
  • Right Angle Cross of Service (18/17 | 52/58)
  • Right Angle Cross of Service (52/58 | 17/18)
  • Right Angle Cross of Service (58/52 | 18/17)

So what is going on here? I will explain…

  • For the Incarnation Crosses that have more than one variation, each variation will  have a “Lead Gate”. This means that each Cross has a dominant energy that gives the life theme a certain flavor or “color” to it. (This is true for ALL Incarnation Crosses but especially important for Crosses that have variations). So when you are researching the meaning of your cross, you want to make sure that the order of the numbers is correct so you get the accurate meaning.

Additional information to consider as you consider your Incarnation Cross

  • Some of the Incarnation Cross meanings are very abstract and mystical while others are very practical and concrete. Some people read their Incarnation Cross and feel that it deeply resonates with them. Others read it and are like “Huh, that is interesting…I need time to process.” Either reaction is a good one.
  • Because your life theme does not come into play until closer to “Mid Life”, then the energy of your theme is often something that we don’t recognize in ourselves especially when we are younger. We may also NOT embrace it as a gift or maybe even see this energy as a flaw. 

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