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Reflector Energy Type in Human Design

This post describes the Reflector Energy Type at a high level.

Human Design Chart Meanings Library

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What is an energy type in Human Design?

  • Energy type is the first thing that identifies an individual in Human Design.
  • It shows how we are supposed to exchange energy with the world around us (everything in life is an energetic trade).
  • Each energy type does have a specific way that energy should be exchanged with the world and we will have more flow when we use this energy correctly.
  • If we can master our energy type, we will encounter less resistance and the things that are meant for us will start to flow towards us.
Reflector Energy Type in Human Design
Reflector Energy Type

Reflector Human Design Chart

The Reflector Energy Type Energetic Aura

  • Reflectors are very rare – they make up about 1% of the population.
  • Reflectors are generally calm, cool, and collected
  • The energetic nature of a Reflector is to reflect, to mirror, and to reveal
  • Reflectors have the greatest potential for wisdom out of all of the types. They are true mirrors of society – they reveal to the collective what is really happening and they remind us that if we are brave enough to let go and be present we will download helpful information from the environment/universe.

Strategy for the Reflector Energy Type

  • What is “Strategy”? In Human Design, “Strategy” refers to how we can energetically move through the world so we can attract the things that are meant for us.
  • What is the Reflector Strategy? TO WAIT A LUNAR CYCLE
    • Reflectors do not have a moment-to-moment strategy that is consistent for them. For the Reflector, it is more about living with their own set of rules and following the beat of their own drummer.
    • What does it mean to wait a lunar cycle?
      • In Human Design Reflectors are lunar beings and are, therefore, connected to the 28-day cycle of the moon.
      • Waiting a full lunar cycle doesn’t apply to small decisions – how important is it to you? Reflectors should not stay in situations that make them feel bad or ill for too long
      • Waiting a lunar cycle gives the Reflector time to flow, interact with the world, take in wisdom, and get clarity on whether or not the thing is right for them.
    • At the end of the lunar cycle, the Reflector might ask:
      • Do I feel expansive or contracted about the thing in question?
      • Do I feel clear about this decision in my body?

Reflector Reflection Journal

Reflector Reflection Journal

Reflector Signature

  • What is signature? How an individual feels or experiences life when they are living their design.
  • What is the Reflector signature? SURPRISE
    • Experiencing delight and surprise by all of the variety that the world has to offer.
    • Experiencing a carefree existence with no expectations and when life comes to them they have the space for surprise and being in awe of life. Living in a state of wonder.

The Reflector Not-Self Theme

  • What is the “Not-Self”? In Human Design, the “Not-Self” are the qualities we are experiencing when we are NOT living our design (in alignment with our energy type).
  • Reflector Not-SelfDISAPPOINTMENT
    • Experiencing everything as boring, unsurprising, feeling deflated like a balloon.
    • Disappointment happens when the Reflector begins to define themselves and/or take on the traits of others.
    • The Reflector should ask:
      • Where am I rushing to make decisions?
      • Where am I being judgmental vs accepting and discerning
      • Where am I having expectations and trying to identify with things instead of being open and free-flowing?

Reflector Survival Guide

Common Challenges for Reflectors

  • Boxing themselves in with labels or a specific identity
  • Particularly sensitive to conditioning from the outside world to be, think, and feel a certain way
  • Lacking Self-Trust in their process for making decisions

Practical Tips for Reflectors

  • Develop self-trust:
    • It is important for the Reflector to get familiar with what it feels like to trust themselves. The more they start to pay attention and record new moon to new moon. They will find that they live in little cycles.
  • When making big decisions:
    • The Reflector should respond with decisions that buy them time.
  • When talking to others about decisions:
    • The Reflector is using others as a sounding board – they are using their open (white) centers to access wisdom and their own bodily information. They are not seeking advice from others.

This description is intended to be high-level and not a deep dive into this energy type. Because all energy types and individual charts have so many layers it is recommended to consult a Human Design Reader to get a full reading of a chart.

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References: The Definitive Book of Human Design – the Science of Differentiation (paid link) by Lynda Bunnel and Ra Uru Hu and Jenna Zoe’s Level 1 and Level 2 Human Design Training

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