Quad Left Explained

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How to know if you are a Quad Left?

  • Go to myhumandesign.com and go to “Get Your Chart”.
  • Input your birth details including birthday, birth time, birth location.
    • NOTE – The Arrows in the bodygraph chart are VERY sensitive to birth time so it is important to have an accurate birth time if possible.
  • If all 4 of the arrows point left  (see example below) then you are a “Quad Left”

Quad Left’s and Awareness

  • Quad Left’s have an active and ‘strategic awareness’ and they are designed to use this awareness for survival on the physical plane. 
  • Because they see things strategically to ensure survival, their energy tends to be more “active”.  This is the same energy that we see in the world as far as governmental structures and learning that takes place in schools. These things are all organized to be strategic.

Designed to be Active and Focus on Things

  • It is very important for Quad Left’s to have something to focus on because this is their gift.
  • But they need to be discerning and use their strategy and authority to decide where to focus their energies. If they get focused on the wrong things this will overwhelm their psyche and cognition. 
  • Quad Left’s ability to focus cannot be understated – they have the ability to have a razor sharp focus to the point where they may not see anything around what they are focused on and this is good. This is how it is supposed to be. 
  • Their focus is like a sharp knife – they can truly cut to the core of something.

Quad Left’s and Environment

  • Quad Left’s should pay attention to and spend time in their ideal environments. By being in their ideal environment (and paying attention to strategy and authority) this will ensure they are focusing on the RIGHT things. 
  • For a Quad Left, their environment is a place where they will feel active or inspired to action.  Activity is something that is key for them.

Their Gift to Others

  • Quad Left’s have an ability to organize themselves in order to ensure clear communication, devise plans and strategize.
  • Because their “leftness” is all about ensuring survival on the physical plane, this is where their cognition is rooted. It is the energy of – “I have to be strategic to survive”. And in this way they will help others around them survive as well. 
  • Quad Left’s can be the ultimate strategic planners – They have a plan A and a Plan B and probably even a Plan C. They know if X happens then we will do Y and if Q happens then we will do R.

Quad Left Challenges

  • Quad Left’s can find themselves struggling when they use their laser sharp focus on the wrong things. It will be taxing to their cognition and likely unfulfilling. There is no point and it is such a waste of their energy. 
  • Because they have such a laser sharp focus, they may have trouble seeing people and situations in a broader context. This can lead to them missing the nuances that are important to understand to ensure successful communications or outcomes.
  • Quad Left’s can get lost in objectives and goal setting. Setting goals is a great thing AND they need to understand that this is not how everyone operates. 
  • They may have a “gotta win”, “gotta be on top”, or a “gotta be the big dog” type of energy. Their drive to be on top of the “food chain” may need to be balanced with work, personal life, or social dynamics.

Tips For Quad Left’s

  • Digestion and Nourishment is a strategy for you
    • Your digestion and nourishing your brain adequately is a very important aspect to ensure that you fulfill your purpose. The brain needs adequate nourishment to release your unique genius.
  • Tune into your activity level
    • It is important to check in on your activity level. You are designed to have your unique activity level and, if you aren’t active, this is when you may experience problems.
    • The people in your life should bring out your unique activity level.
    • Your activity level will be your own unique energetic – tune in to understand what this looks like for you. It is this activity that supports or compliments your razor sharp focus.
  • Keep or find the things in your life that give you vitality or make you feel alive
    • Try not to get rid of the things that give you vitality in your life.
  • Spend time in the right environments
    • When you are in the right environment – it will bring you energy. This is where you will meet the people that are correct for you to meet. 
    • If your environment doesn’t inspire you to lead an active life, find the environments that do – you shouldn’t feel or experience laziness.

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