Tarot Year Card – What It Is and How to Find It?

Tarot Year Card - What It Is and How to Find It?

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Every year when I set up my planner, I like to add my Tarot Year Card for that year. I have been doing this for at least 5 years now and highly recommend this exercise if you would like to add a bit of magic to your planner each year. 

What is the Tarot Year Card? 

  • The concept of a “tarot card year” is not a traditional or widely recognized part of tarot practice. In tarot, each card has its own symbolism and interpretation, and the cards are typically used for divination, self-reflection, and gaining insight into various aspects of one’s life. That said, some people may use numerology and tarot together to explore the significance of certain numbers and cards in their lives.
    • SIDE NOTE: In numerology, each number is associated with specific qualities and energies, and you can calculate your personal year number by adding the digits of your birthdate and the current year. (See related articles below)
  • The idea is that there is a corresponding Major Arcana tarot card for each year of your life. This card represents the themes, lessons, and opportunities that you will encounter that year.
    • For example, if your personal year number for 2023 is 8, you could then consult a tarot deck and explore the symbolism and meanings of the Major Arcana card associated with the number 8 (e.g., the Strength card)).

How to Calculate Your Tarot Year Card

  • The Tarot Year Card is calculated by adding your birth month, your day of birth, and the current calendar year. Then reducing the sum to 22 or less.
    • Tarot Year Card = Month + day of birth + current year
      • Example 1– a birthday of November 11th in the year 2023 would be added like this
        • 11+11+2023=2045
        • 2045 = 2+0+4+5 = 11
        • 11 – Justice (see list below for theme)
      • Example 2 – a birthday of April 4th in the year 2023 would be added like this
        • 4+4+2023 = 2031
        • 2031 = 2+0+3+1 = 6
        • 6 = The Lovers (see list below for theme)

Tarot Year Card Themes 

1 – The Magician

  • Manifestation, willpower, ability, confidence, and putting intention into action

2- The High Priestess

  • Inner wisdom, intuition, spirituality, magic, 

3 – The Empress

  • Creativity, fertility, feminine power, abundance, and prosperity

4 – The Emperor

  • Structure, assertiveness, leadership, logic, and authority

5 -The Hierophant

  • Divine wisdom, tradition, doing the right thing, and teaching

6  The Lovers

  • Commitment, vulnerability, collaboration, and partnerships

7 – The Chariot

  • Progress, communication, action, victory, and travel

8 – Strength

  • Courage, determination, fortitude, and mind over matter

9 – The Hermit

  • Retreat, meditation, tying up loose ends, curiosity, and finding your true path

10 – The Wheel of Fortune

  • Karmic changes, cycles, exploration, luck, and expansion

11 – Justice

  • Truth, consequences, mediation, legal matters, causes and effects

12 – The Hanged Man

  • Obstacles, feeling stagnant,  letting go of what no longer serves you, and needing to see things from a new perspective

13 – Death

  • Transformation, forced change (sometimes), endings, and the end of a way of being

14 – Temperance

  • Equality of forces, harmony, positive personal growth, healing and recovery from loss

15 – The Devil

  • Feeling imprisoned, materialism, overindulgence, following desire, shadow side, and desires fulfilled at a cost.

16 – The Tower

  • The collapse of structure, a need for radical trust, destruction of the existing way of life, belief system, or sense of security

17 – The Star

  • Hope, good health, improvement, receiving gifts and blessings

18 – The Moon

  • Lack of clarity, imagination, dreams, metaphysical, spiritual, and a need to trust inner guidance.

19 – The Sun

  • Joy, positive outcome, success, celebration, and living in the present moment

20 – Judgement

  • Taking stock, rites of passage, decisions, reflection and moving on to something different

21 – The World

  • Success, accomplishment, rapid growth, transformation, spiritual awakening, and a shift that will bring blessings.

22 – The Fool

  • New journey, beginnings, spontaneity, child-like innocence, a leap of faith

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