Numerology Personal Year Cycle

Numerology Personal Year Cycle

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If you believe in energy, numerology is an interesting system to explore because it can tell us so many things about our life journey. I learned about the Personal Year Cycle several years ago and I started including it in my planner every year (I still do!). It is an interesting experiment to calculate my number for the year ahead and then watch to see how the vibrations of that number manifest in my life. 

What is Numerology? 

  • Numerology is essentially the “science of numbers”. Each number has a specific vibration and these energies show up in your own life journey. This system is not new and it dates back thousands of years when it was used in ancient civilizations such as Greece, India, Egypt, and China.
  • Numerology can tell us things about our purpose in life and the karmic lessons or challenges we will encounter as we move through life. This system can also tell us something about our personality and the home in which we live (e.g., address numbers)

What is the Numerology Personal Year?

  • The Personal Year in Numerology tells us the lessons, opportunities, and experiences we will encounter over the course of that year. 
  • According to this system, each year throughout our life we cycle into the energy of a new number in a 9-year cycle. For 12 months we have a “Personal Year Number” between 1 and 9 (or Master Numbers 11/2 or 22/4). As we move into the next 12-month cycle, we move into the energy of a new number and so on.
  • Some experts say that the “Personal Year” cycles from birthday to birthday. And others say the energies are present in a calendar year. Either answer is correct – it is for you to determine which cycle seems right for you.
    • For example, if the year is 2023 and your birthday is November 11th…
      • The birthday cycle for a personal calculated as 11/11/23 would run from November 11th, 2023 to November 10, 2024.
      • The calendar year would mean that the energies of that number are present in your life from January 1 – December 31, 2023

How to Calculate Your Personal Year in Numerology

  • The Personal Year is calculated by adding your birth month, your day of birth, and the current calendar year. 
  • NOTE: Some experts believe “Master Numbers” are at a higher vibration for that year. The Master numbers are 11/2 and 22/4. If you do your calculation and you get an 11 read the description for both 11 and 2. Similarly, if you do the calculation and you get a 22, read the description for both 22 and 4.
    • Personal Year Number = Month + day of birth + current year
      • Example 1– a birthday of November 11th in the year 2023 would be added like this
        • 1+1+1+1+2+0+2+3=11
        • Personal Year = 11/2
      • Example 2 – a birthday of April 4th in the year 2023 would be added like this
        • 4+4+2+0+2+3 = 15
        • Personal Year = 1+5 = 6

Personal Year Number Meanings 

  • Personal Year 1
    • Starting something new, a new cycle, taking action
    • This year is about new opportunities or creating a fresh start. There will be changes happening this year but these changes are here to change your life for the better. It will be important to not let fears hold you back. The energy of the number 1 is also inviting you to stand in your independence and embrace your individuality. Don’t be afraid to blaze a new trail, stand in your power, become a “new you” or embrace your unique nature. Don’t allow the external voices to tell you to be someone or to do something that is not in alignment with your true self. Go for the things that seem out of reach. This year is about planting seeds for the next 9-year cycle.
  • Personal Year 2
    • Relationships, finding balance and collaboration 
    • This year is about finding balance for yourself both mentally and emotionally. Step into self-love and heal yourself by tackling your limiting beliefs and addressing any unresolved emotional issues that are holding you back. This is also a good time to reflect on balance in ALL areas of your life – home vs. work, logic vs. intuition, and material vs. spiritual. When it comes to relationships, this is a good year to resolve any underlying issues with the people in your life. It is also a good time to start setting boundaries to protect your own energy. 
  • Personal Year 3
    • Self-expression, creativity, and communication
    • This year is about self-expression through the medium that resonates most with you. It can be through your voice, through writing, through art, through body movement. This is the year to share your truth, but in order to do this effectively you will need to tap into your emotions and allow feelings to be expressed through creativity. The energy of this year can also be experienced as feeling scattered or disorganized. You may find yourself distracted by different projects so it will be important to be intentional and focused. To be clear, it is 100% okay to pivot if needed – just make sure you are changing course in a way that is in alignment with your true desire. 
  • Personal Year 4
    • Planning, creating, or building something
    • This year is about establishing a solid foundation for the future. You will accomplish this by putting things into place that will improve your situation or pave the way for expansion in some way. For example, if you want a job promotion, you may work towards completing a certification that is necessary for the job you want. This year can be a year of hustling and hard work. Building a foundation is not accomplished without effort. You will meet challenges head-on and work through obstacles. Remaining optimistic and taking care of your health will be the key to a successful Year 4.
  • Personal Year 5
    • Change, momentum, and progress
    • Hold onto your hat because this will be a year of movement and change. The energy of the number 5 brings with it an “anything goes” theme so expect the unexpected. Use this energy in a positive way by taking calculated risks and embracing a spirit of adventure. Take that trip you always wanted to take and visit new locations. It is important that you remain adaptable and flexible. You may find that it is difficult to stay focused so be mindful of not taking on too much and finding the balance between adventure and getting stuff done.           
  • Personal Year 6
    • Love, connection, and personal responsibility
    • The energies of this year will center around the needs of family and friends. Situations may come up that require your full attention so it will be important to strike the balance between work and family responsibilities. It is a good time to make a decision to heal your relationship or part and go your separate ways. It is also a great year for starting a business or career in the health and wellness industry. Lastly, if you are looking to make changes in your home or living situation, this is a great year to make those changes as well.
  • Personal Year 7
    • Self-reflection, introspection, and personal growth or transformation
    • This year is about stepping back and taking time to self-reflect on the big questions in life. Embrace the opportunity to slow down, meditate, and go inward because the more inner work you do, the more accomplishment you will see in your life. If you have an interest in furthering your education, this is a great year to take a course, study a subject in your area of passion, or even get a degree or certification. Building your inner foundation through personal development and pursuits is going to be the key to your future success.
  • Personal Year 8
    • Power dynamics, money, career, and karmic justice
    • This year is about money, career, and business opportunities. These may be opportunities that bring expansion and abundance or life lessons that teach something important. The situations that present themselves are often correlated to the effort, mindset, and intentions you have set in the previous 8 years of this cycle. This is a year that asks you to step into your personal power especially when you are interacting with anyone who has made you feel less than or disempowered. The number 8 is associated with money and manifestation so it is also a good year to get your finances together and use your money wisely. Tap into this energy in a positive way by focusing on abundance and tackling your “lack mentality” or limiting beliefs around money. Mindset this year will be key!
  • Personal Year 9
    • Completing things, conclusions, letting go, and endings
    • This year is all about completing things in preparation for new beginnings. The best thing we can do during a 9 year is to identify the things we can let go of that will free us for the new cycle. And it’s not just about identifying these things – it is also about letting go of the things that no longer serve us. It is a good time to walk away from a job, a relationship, a situation, or a mindset that is not in alignment with your true nature. To do this requires courage so expect that you may be fearful of the unknown or need to be adaptable to changing circumstances. Although this year is about endings, it is also about rebirth. Lean into stepping into a new, better version of yourself.
  • Personal Year 11/2
    • Leveling up, higher learning, and self-actualization
    • This year includes the energies of the number 2 but there are additional opportunities to step into a higher version of yourself. During an 11/2 year, it is important to be willing to take the leap of faith required to go after the thing you want.  Very often this will be a big step into the unknown instead of remaining in the situation that is safe or stable. Personal transformation is the primary theme of this year because there will be opportunities for personal growth but also opportunities to inspire other people. Trust your inner voice and don’t allow self-doubt to hold you back from stepping into the higher version of yourself.
  • Personal Year 22/4
    • Success, accomplishment, and transformation
    • This year includes the energies of the number 4 but provides expanded opportunities to create or produce something that has a big impact. The energy of the 22 is very intense so it is a great year to think big, write goals that feel scary good, and then take aligned action. This energy makes it more likely that ideas will become reality. It will be important to remain balanced and grounded.

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