Crown (or Head) Energy Center in Human Design

Crown (or Head) Energy Center in the Human Design System

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The energy (pressure) center located at the top of a chart that is often represented as a yellow triangle.

Crown Energy Center
Crown / Head Energy Center including traditional gate names


Inspiration and questioning

Understanding the Energetics of the Crown Energy Center

  • The Crown Energy Center is all about inspiration, imagination and dreaming about possibilities. But this center is NOT about figuring these things out.
  • It is the center from which ideas, questions, truths, doubts and possibilities spring from.

Flow of Energy from the Crown Center

  • Whether we have color in this center or not, the “pressure” from this center comes from the need to understand one’s existence in relationship to the outside world.
  • When we are inspired, we may feel a pressure to find the answers to questions. We will also feel pressure to act on dreams and ideas.
    • It is important to understand that this pressure is not necessarily the pressure to ACT because if we act too quickly and try to force the manifestation of an inspired thought this will often lead lead to unsatisfying results.
  • Information from this center is released to the Ajna Center first for potential awareness processing.
  • Expression from the Crown center will ultimately make its way to the Throat Center and be released via verbal communication.
    • *When* we decide to “release the pressure” from the Crown Center and speak is dependent on our Energy Type.

Biological association

The Pineal gland

Defined Crown Energy Center

  • Individuals who have a defined Crown / Head Center are self-inspired. They can sit on their couch and be inspired out of nowhere.
  • This person’s perspective can bring information to the world when they are not trying to figure out their own life.
  • If this person is trying to find inspiration they should go and be by themselves.

Undefined Crown Energy Center

  • This person is externally inspired and may susceptible to mental pressure to seek out inspiration.
  • It is energetically correct for this person to struggle with the feeling that they don’t have the answers to their questions and may feel a need to understand things.
    • They should allow space to dream and stay in wonder
  • It is energetically correct for this to seek inspiration outside of themselves (i.e., out in nature, art, working in public places)

Not-Self Theme

  • May spend time thinking about things that don’t matter such as…
    • Trying to fulfill the inspiration of someone else
    • Feeling pressure to figure things out instead of embracing the experience of wonder

In My Shop

Head / Crown Center Gates

Gate 64

  • Traditional Name – The Gate of Confusion
  • Theme – The pressure to move from confusion to clarity

*Gate 63

  • Traditional Name – The Gate of Doubt
  • Theme – The pressure to make sense of doubts and needing answers

Gate 61

  • Traditional Name – The Gate of Mystery
  • Theme – The pressure to know and understand mysteries.

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References: The Definitive Book of Human Design – the Science of Differentiation by Lynda Bunnel and Ra Uru Hu (paid link) and Jenna Zoe’s Level 1 and Level 2 Human Design Training

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