Ajna Energy Center in Human Design

The Ajna Energy Center in the Human Design System

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Ajna Energy Center

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Awareness Center between the Head / Crown and the Throat Center. It is often colored Green.

Ajna Awareness Center

Ajna Energy Center Themes

  • Opinions, judgement, points of view

Understanding the Energetics of this Center

  • The Ajna is an awareness processing center fueled by the Head Center.
  • This center analyzes information and has the potential to find completion or expression through three different channels at the Throat Center.
  • This is the place thoughts, concepts and belief systems are stored.

Biological Association

  • Mind and pituitary gland

Defined Ajna Energy Center

  • This individual has a fixed and reliable way in which they process information.
  • They are here to formulate a point of view and may feel certain of their opinions and theories.
  • The way they see things is a very important part of their purpose.
  • It is important that they emphasize and develop this point of view as it will play into their creativity.

Undefined (Open) Ajna Energy Center

  • For this individual, it is energetically correct for them to be open-minded and not cling to their opinions even though they may feel a pressure to hold or have opinions.
  • They are able to understand beliefs and information from different perspectives.
  • These people are often not interested in getting involved in political debates. It may feel like a waste of energy to prove they have an opinion about something.
  • Keeping things open feels better.
  • Because they do not have a consistent way of thinking this individual may feel anxiety about the flexibility of their mental processing and may feel the need to overcompensate or prove otherwise.

Not-Self Theme

  • Pretending to be certain

In My Shop

Ajna Center Gates

Gate 11

  • Traditional Name – Gate of Ideas
  • Theme – Receiving ideas

*Gate 43

  • Traditional Name – Gate of Insight
  • Theme – Unique opinions and insights

Gate 17

  • Traditional Name – Gate of Opinions
  • Theme – Substantiating opinions

*Gate 47

  • Traditional Name – Gate of Realization
  • Theme – The need to have revelations

Gate 24

  • Traditional Name – The Gate of Rationalization
  • Theme – Pondering to get to the truth

*Gate 4

  • Traditional Name – Gate of Formulization
  • Theme – Love of logic; Fear of chaos

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References: The Definitive Book of Human Design – the Science of Differentiation by Lynda Bunnel and Ra Uru Hu (paid link) and Jenna Zoe’s Level 1 and Level 2 Human Design Training

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