Gate 15 in Human Design – Gate of Extremes

Gate 15 in Human Design - Gate of Extremes

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How to know if you have Gate 15 activated in your bodygraph chart

  • Go to and go to “Get Your Chart”.
  • Input your birth details including birth day, birth time, birth location.
    • NOTE – Information in the bodygraph chart is VERY sensitive to birth time so it is important to have an accurate birth time if possible.
  • Look at the G- Center which is the diamond shaped center in the middle of the chart. If Gate 15 has a circle around it with a colored line coming from it this means this energy is activated or consistently available to you.

What are the Gates in Human Design?

  • The Gates in a Human Design body graph chart represent the gifts, talents, motivations, energetics or drives that are consistently available to us. If you DO NOT have a gate activated or colored it doesn’t mean you never have access to that energy. It just means it’s not a reliable or constant energy in your life.
  • Everyone has the potential for 26 individual gates to be activated in their bodygraph chart, however, if you look closely, you may find that you have gates appearing multiple times in the two columns on either side of the chart. This is a common occurrence.
  • There are 64 Gates in a bodygraph chart and each gate has a theme that is related to the 64 I Ching hexagrams. If you would like a deeper understanding of the gates, I highly recommend deep diving into the Chinese I Ching hexagrams.
  • Lastly, it is worth noting that there are MANY layers to all aspects of the chart including the gates. This article is intended to be a high level summary.

How the Gates Can Show Up Energetically in our Life

  • We can use the energy of a gate in a positive or negative way towards ourselves and/ or other people.
  • We may embody the energy with lack and/or fear OR we can embody the energy with truth and abundance.
  • Because of external conditioning we have encountered, we may shy away from the energy and choose NOT to see it as a part of ourselves. We may not want to embrace it and shut it down instead

What does a Black Line vs. a Red Line vs. a Striped Line Indicate? 

  • Black Lines represent gifts that we are likely more conscious and aware of.
  • Red Lines represent gifts that we are likely less conscious and aware of.
  • Striped (both black and red) lines represent gifts that are both conscious and unconscious. 

eBook – The Gates in Human Design

The Gates in Human Design

Gate 15 Gate of Extremes

Gate 15 lives in the G-Center which is the identity center – it is about love and direction in life.

High Expression of Gate 15 

  • The energy of this gate is about a love of humanity and diversity. It is the capacity to embrace the full spectrum of human behavior including the different ways that love exists in the world. You are capable of accepting the extremes in other people without judgment thereby supporting diversity in life.
  • Embrace the fact that it may be a challenge for you to stick to a rigid schedule. This has to do with your innate connection to nature or natural cycles.  It is less of a refusal to stick to a schedule and more an awareness of nature and what is best for YOU.

Challenge Side of Gate 15

  • Not embracing your unique rhythms in life and / or trying to force consistency when you are not necessarily designed to operate that way. Embrace that your rhythms may shift and change often.
  • Individuals with this energy defined have very large auras. No matter how low key someone with this energy tries to be, people immediately notice them when they walk into the room. As a result, they may try to shrink themselves small. They should embrace their aura

The Channel of Rhythm – Gate 15’s partnership with Gate 5 

  • Gate 15 looks to Gate 5 for the rhythm and discipline needed for focus and achieving mastery in some area of life.Gate 5 looks to Gate 15 for the acceptance of the natural rhythms needed for vitality and for the balance needed to live in flow with life. 

Is Gate 15 your “Personality Sun Gate”?

What is a Personality Sun Gate?

  • Personality Sun Gate is the top number located in the Personality Side of the chart. If you are looking at the bodygraph chart you will see two columns on either side. The column on the right is the Personality side. The number at the top is your Personality Sun Gate.  
  • Many say that your Personality Sun Gate is 70% of your energy – it is the thing you are here to do and share with the world. The energies of this gate will be expressed throughout your life journey and the work you choose to do.
  • It is worth noting that we often see our Personality Sun Gate as a flaw earlier in life and then later embrace it as a gift.

Gate 15 as your Personality Sun Gate

  • If Gate 15 is your Personality Sun Gate you are here to fulfill your purpose through your capacity to accept the extremes of life and in human nature. By embracing your shifting rhythms and leaning into your strategy and authority, you will naturally bring this gift to the things you are passionate about. The way this energy will express itself will be unique to you.

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