Generator Survival Tips

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Generator Survival Tips

These Generator Survival tips are intended to be a quick and concise summary of helpful information for Generators. If you don’t know your human design energy type you can find out for free here – LINK.

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Generator Survival Guide

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Generator Survival Tips

1 – Tips for leaning into your energy type

  • Say “Yes” to the projects, people, places, and things that make you feel lit up and energized. Follow the “hell yes’s” even if you aren’t sure why (what inspires you may not make sense logically)

  • Tune in and learn what your gut response feels like in your body. When you encounter something that lights you up you may experience butterflies, you may sit up straighter, you may make an exclamation through your voice. Pay attention to how your gut response speaks to you.

2 – Tips for Rest and Self Care 

  • Ensure you get a good night’s sleep. It is important for you to expend your energy by doing something you enjoy before you try to go to sleep each night. If you don’t, you may experience restlessness. (For example, expend your energy by going for an evening walk or work on your favorite project or hobby)

  • Alone time is important. Try to find at least 15 minutes of alone time each day so you can experience your own unique design without the presence of another person’s aura. This will allow space for clarity in knowing your own true desires.

  • Honor your gut responses and your desires. Do not say “yes” to things you feel you “should” do whenever possible. It is important for you to be truly inspired.

Generator Reflection Journal

3 – Tips for Work, Career, and feeling “in flow” 

  • Start the project or hobby you are excited about. You don’t need all of the answers to start a new project you are passionate about. Don’t let perfection or information gathering keep you from starting something new. You are designed to go fast or even skip steps if you need to.

  • Choose your job or career based on how much it inspires you. Avoid making a choice solely based on things like money or time freedom. It is important that your work excites you and gives you energy.

  • Burnout is a sign from the universe. If you are experiencing “burnout” know that this is the universe’s way of telling you that you have too many things on your plate that are NOT lighting you up. Take inventory of the projects, people, places, and things that are on your plate and determine which still excite you and which need to go!

4 – Tips for what to do when you are feeling energetically stuck

  • Have you said “yes” to something out of a sense of “Duty”? We all have to do things we don’t enjoy and we have to make compromises. But when you have said “yes” to too many things that are not inspiring you or giving you energy, it can start dragging you down leaving you feeling uninspired, blah, or stagnant.
    • When this happens, take inventory of things in your life. If something no longer inspires you, consider how you can delegate or remove it from your responsibilities. If you must do the thing, consider ways you can make it fun for YOU.

  • You are here to be selfish…in a good way! If honoring your desires feels like a selfish act to you may have conditioning around feeling selfish for doing the things you love. If this feels true to you, consider exploring methods to counteract this conditioning through mantras, guided meditations, hypnotherapy or another professional service provider.

If you are interested in all things Human Design, check out the Free Resource Library for free printable PDFs and digital products designed to support your Human Design Journey.

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