Manifestor Survival Tips

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Manifestor Survival Tips

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Manifestor Survival Tips

The Manifestor Survival Tips provided here are intended to be a quick and concise summary of information that might be helpful for the Manifestor Energy Type. If you don’t know your human design energy type you can find out for free here – LINK

Manifestor Survival Guide

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1 – Tips for leaning into your energy type

  • Attract what you want by honoring your impulses and urges.  This is an impulsive energy that is not driven by anything but the divine expressing itself through you. A big part of living correctly as a Manifestor is cherishing and honoring your urges because they are so special.
    • An urge is a very specific feeling that tells you to do something that comes out of nowhere but you don’t know why or can’t make sense of it.
    • Your urges cannot be traced back to logic.
    • It benefits you to prioritize acting on 1 or 2 urges a day and it’s about the quality of the effort vs. doing something all day.

  • Not everyone is going to want to get on your train….and that is OK! When you are honoring your urges and doing the things you want to do, you are like a train driver who is taking the train where YOU want to go. You need to announce where the train is going and choose to get on the train. It is important that you understand that you are the perfect train driver for the people that want to get on YOUR train. Everyone else will get on someone else’s train and that is ok.

  • Live your truth. It is very important for Manifestors to live their truth, to be themselves and do the things they have urges to do. Living your truth looks like: “I am sharing my truth unapologetically and I am doing this thing. The right people that want to join me will and the people who don’t, will do something else.”

Manifestor Reflection Journal

2 – Tips for Rest and Self Care 

  • Avoid “people pleasing”. Manifestors have often been conditioned to think, “If I am doing for others, I am worthy”. If this sounds familiar, you might take inventory each day and reflect on how often you honor your urges vs. doing things for others. If most of your day is doing things for others then you need to work on finding a balance. It is ok to compromise but only if it makes you happy too.

  • Balance work and rest. Manifestors often put pressure on themselves to do, do, do all the time. This feeling that you must always be producing will counteract the ability for the urges to come to you. Remember any kind of “should” is bad for a Manifestor. Create space for your urges to come through by allowing yourself to rest.

  • Be unapologetic about who you are.  It is very important for Manifestors to be living their truth, doing the things they have urges to do and allowing themselves to be seen and heard. Be your authentic self but be sure not to conform to society views on what your authentic self looks like. Remember that you help others by doing what you are called to do and then sharing your intentions and making others feel included IF they want to be. What people want most from a Manifestor is to know where they are at and what they are doing so be sure to share your personal urges, ideas and thoughts when it feels right to you.

3 – Tips for Work, Career and feeling “in flow” 

  • Honor your energy cycle. Manifestor energy works in fits and starts and tends to be very spontaneous.  You may have high energy when you are in your urge to do the thing you want to do but you likely need more rest after it is done.

  • Find a “Manifestor Friendly” Job. Look for a job or career that allows you autonomy to set up your day in the way that is ideal for you and your energy cycle. Manifestors are often NOT well suited for jobs that are 9-5. Look for opportunities that allow you a more flexible schedule or one where you can work on a specific project and then have a break or calmer period after.

  • Lean into the 3 gifts you have to give to the collective
    • You can act independently and quickly – don’t wait for others or seek permission before doing the things you want to do.
    • You can initiate and catalyze action in others – share what you are doing and make others feel welcome if they decide they want to join you.
    • You impact others not only through your energy but also through your manifestations. You are here to create waves, blaze the trail and be the firestarter whether you intentionally try to or not. Don’t overthink the things you want to do. Honor your urges.

4 – Tips for what to do when you are feeling angry or annoyed at the world

  • Are you staying small? Remember, as a Manifestor, you have the biggest energetic aura. You should allow yourself to be seen and heard and you should lean into your authentic self. Connection with others comes when you do not shrink or change to make someone else comfortable with your energetic aura. Consider where in your life are you staying small so others will be comfortable and seek to balance that.

  • Do not put your power in other people’s hands. Manifestors often have conditioning that causes them to seek approval from other people before doing the thing they want to do. Remember, “people pleasing” is not going to get you where you want to be.
    • For example, if you are a train conductor and you want to go to Paris, don’t second guess yourself and stand on the platform asking everyone else where they want to go. Instead, YOU decide where you are going and let everyone know so they can hop on if they want. If you try to accommodate everyone else, you will never have the forward movement or progress that you want.

  • Course correct and don’t shut down your urges!  For the Manifestor, the doing comes naturally when you listen to an urge. Any anger or annoyance you experience is there to help you course correct.  When you find yourself angry or annoyed, consider what urges you have shut down lately. The more you shut down urges, the angrier you become.  You may often feel a pressure to do the things the world says you must do but you are here to blaze your own trail and do things your own way.

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