Reflector Survival Tips

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The Reflector Survival tips provided in this post are intended to be a quick and concise summary of helpful information for Reflectors. If you don’t know your human design energy type you can find out for free here – LINK.

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Reflector Survival Guide

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Reflector Survival Tips

1 – Reflector Survival Tips for leaning into your energy type

  • Attract what you want by honoring your energetic cycle. As a Reflector, you are a lunar being which means honoring a 28 day cycle for BIG decisions is ideal (whenever possible).  To be clear, this does NOT apply to small decisions.
    • How to know if it is a BIG decision? Consider how important the thing is to you. When you allow yourself to be in flow over your 28 lunar cycle, you will gain clarity on whether or not something is right for you. 
    • How to know? At the end of the 28 days do an assessment and ask yourself if you feel expansive or contracted about the thing? Do you feel clear in your body?  Get familiar with what it feels like to trust yourself. The more you start to pay attention and record new moon to new moon the more you will find that you live in little cycles.

  • Empowered Surrender. It can be hard because the world says we need to know ourselves or identify with certain labels or identities. Because they are everyone and no one, the power of the Reflector is that they are here to remind us that when we are brave enough to let go and be present in the moment, we can download and receive information. It is important for you to embrace being open, fluid and surrendering to the flow of life.

  • What to do when you are feeling stuck? When you are feeling stuck, take a look at your life and figure out where you are trying to define yourself. When you say “this is who I am” – that is when you will be stuck.

  • Trust that synchronicities will guide you. Expect that life is going to carry you more than it will carry the other energy types. When you allow for the flow of life and environment to guide you, you will learn new things, encounter new opportunities and meet new people that will take you to the next thing. This process can be very subtle.
    • For example, it can look like walking down the street and seeing a poster which then takes you to an event where you meet someone who hires you for the job you always wanted.

Reflector Reflection Journal

2 – Reflector Survival Tips for Rest and Self Care 

  • Get enough alone time. When you are trying to figure out what you want to do with your life – this is a good time to pull away from people. When you are around people who are really passionate about something it could be “catching”. It is important to know when to pull away to get in touch with your own wants and where you want to go next.

  • Body Awareness is key. It is important to be very in touch with your body and how you operate each day. If you feel like your health is suffering or you are feeling drained, experiment with being around other people or being in different environments. You will be pleasantly surprised how different places and people can transform your body, mind and spirit.

  • Place is everything. Environment or place is more important for you than any other energy type. Consider the environment, your home, places and people as energetics that flow through you and be aware how they make you feel.
    • You are not here to get clear on yourself or study yourself. You are here to understand, become wise and observant about the external world. When you walk into a new environment you can feel the physical, environmental or spiritual health of this place. When you feel things, be aware that it is coming from your environment and not from you.
    • While you are not here to be judgmental, you ARE here to judge and be discerning about what is going on in your environment and assess if it is energetically correct for you or not.

3 – Reflector Survival Tips for Work, Career and feeling “in flow” 

  • Avoid focusing on your purpose. You should feel free to be different in different situations. For a Reflector, the question is not “what is my purpose?” The question is “am I in the right places?” because this is how life will lead you to your purpose. Find a job or career that allows you to be fluid and free to change as much as you want. Work environments and places where you feel healthy, flowing and free are ideal.

  • Let the environment guide you. When you are in an environment where you feel good, you should note that. When you are in an environment that feels negative or unhealthy you should note that too.

  • Reflectors should feel free to be different in different situations. Reflectors have varied careers and life paths – especially if they are listening to where their environment is leading them. When you learn to leverage other people’s energy and surround yourself with the right people and the right environment, you can be very successful in many areas.

  • Leverage role models. Reflectors benefit from considering “who they want to become more like” and spending time with those individuals. Ideally your work or career puts you in the environment that feels good and healthy to you AND around the people who inspire you.

4 – Tips for what to do when you are feeling disappointed

  • Remember NO Labels! When you are feeling disappointed with life, take a look and identify where you are trying to define yourself. It is more energetically correct and healthy for you to identify yourself as a human being who is experiencing life.
    • You are a chameleon and genuinely have so many different aspects you can try on but none of them are truly YOU. You can try on all of these different flavors and continue to surprise yourself. Because of this, you can navigate the world more easily than others.
    • You can keep life exciting by being anything or anyone you want. Try to let go of the need to know who you are. Instead ask, “who am I today?” or “who am I at this moment?” Embrace the flow.

  • Are you seeking advice from others? When you are deciding things, remember that you are not here to seek advice from others. When talking to other people, you are using them as a sounding board. As you are speaking out loud, you are using your open centers to access your bodily information. This flow of energy from others as you are speaking will help you gain clarity and you will feel it in your body. You don’t have these moment to moment strategies that are consistent for you. It is more about living with your own set of rules and following the beat of your own drummer to leverage your open centers in the environment and around other people.

  • Resist the temptation to make decisions quickly. It is important to resist the pressure to respond quickly to an email or a question. Whenever possible, Reflectors should respond with decisions or requests that buy them time. And remember, you don’t have to wait for the lunar cycle to create things, start projects, etc.

  • Are you in the right environment? When you are struggling, it is important for you to reflect on the environment you are in and remember that you have the power to leave that environment. Paying attention to how you feel in different environments is key and it can be hard because you have to be brutally honest about the environments you are in.
    • Always ask, “does this environment feel good?” A good strategy is to journal about the environments so you can learn where you thrive.
    • When you discover environments that don’t feel good to you, it is not that you should never go to those places. Instead, you should just be aware that there is something wrong with that situation or scenario and not take in the negative energy.
    • It is best if you can remain neutral to the experience of life. Try to see these experiences as different, interesting and informative. They are the source of your wisdom.

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