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This article covers Line 5 in the Human Design System at a high level. Line 5 is associated with qualities akin to those of heretics or individuals who challenge established norms, question authority, and push boundaries.

What is Human Design?

  • Human Design is a system that was created in 1992 by Alan Robert Krakower (aka Ra Uru Hu) and it brings together principles of The I Ching, Western Astrology, the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, Hindu-Brahmin chakra system, and quantum physics to create a chart called a BodyGraph. This chart is calculated using your birth date, time, and place.
  • Human Design provides a guide on how we can live in sync with our true nature. The BodyGraph reveals what aspects of our energy type, skills, and traits we should lean into to experience flow and acceptance of our true selves.

What are the lines?

  • One of the fundamental components of Human Design is the concept of “Lines,” which provide insight into the inherent traits and characteristics of an individual. 
  • Each line has its own theme, energy, and/or characteristics.
  • The lines provide a deeper layer of understanding to elements within the chart
  • The lines in your chart can take time to understand because the themes can seem very abstract. Sort of like a puzzle. And your understanding of the lines in your chart will evolve over time as you embark on your own Human Design journey.

Where do the lines show up in a bodygraph chart?

  • Profile or Personality characteristics (e.g.,1/4  1/5, 3/5  etc.)
  • Next to the gates on the design and personality sides of the chart (see the two columns in your bodygraph chart.) For example, you may see 63.4 (Gate 63, line 4) or 1.6 (Gate 1, line 6)
  • Within the levels of information that can be found in the Arrows (Four Transformations) of a bodygraph chart

Line 5: The Heretic or the Liberator

  • Line 5 is associated with qualities akin to those of heretics or individuals who challenge established norms, question authority, and push boundaries. Those with Line 5 in their Human Design possess a natural inclination towards non-conformity, innovation, and a strong desire to express their unique perspectives. They approach life with a revolutionary spirit and the courage to challenge the status quo.
  • In the Human Design System, Line 5 represents a connection to the “Gate of Fixed Rhythms,” emphasizing the importance of change, transformation, and breaking free from rigid structures. It encourages those with Line 5 to embrace their heretical spirit and use it as a source of strength.
  • The energy of Line 5 is about embracing your inner Heretic to help navigate life with a profound sense of innovation, fearlessness, and a commitment to challenging the status quo in the pursuit of a more just and inclusive world.

Characteristics of Line 5


Individuals with Line 5 are inherently non-conformist. They are not content with simply following established norms or traditions; they seek to break free from convention and explore new paths. They are also inclined to challenge preconceived notions by pushing the boundaries of what is considered possible. 

Innovative Thinkers

The Heretic is known for their innovative thinking. They often possess creative and original ideas, leading to groundbreaking discoveries and new approaches to old problems. They are driven to express their individuality and unique perspectives. They are often drawn to artistic, creative, or unconventional fields where they can showcase their originality.

Questioning Authority

Line 5 personalities are unafraid to question authority figures, challenge rules, and scrutinize existing systems. They have a strong sense of justice and equality and advocate for change when they identify injustices.

“Save the Day” Energy

Line 5 individuals like to help others solve problems and make things better. Others may be drawn to their “save the day” energy but Line 5’s will need to be careful about the problems they help fix. Just because they CAN do it doesn’t mean it’s right for them to do so. 

Visionary Leaders

Line 5 individuals often emerge as visionary leaders or thought pioneers, inspiring others to break free from convention and explore new horizons. They are often advocates for change, promoting progressive ideas, social justice, and equality. They are passionate about creating a better, more inclusive world.

Challenges of Line 5 

  • While Line 5 has many strengths, there can be challenges associated with this personality type. Their non-conformity and outspoken nature may lead to conflicts with traditionalists or resistance to their ideas. The Heretic may also struggle with feelings of isolation due to their unique perspectives.
  • Line 5’s should be discerning about the situations or cries for help that they say “yes” to. They should only say “yes” to the things that align with their passions and they are actually interested in helping with. Let go of the compulsion to say “yes, I will fix it!”

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