No Internal Authority Explained

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No internal authority explained

What is “Authority” in Human Design?

  • In a nutshell, “authority” is the way we gain clarity to make decisions. When you are presented an opportunity or a choice in life – how do you know what the right decision is for you? How do you know if something is in alignment for you? Your Human Design Authority is how you achieve clarity to know the right path forward.
  • Authority is especially useful when you are making “BIG” decisions such as accepting a new job or relocating to a new city.
  • There are 7 different “authority types” in Human Design. No inner authority is one of them.

How do I know what my “Authority” is?

You can discover your Human Design Authority type for FREE by going to myhumandesign and putting in your birth date, birth time and birth location. When you put in this information you bodygraph chart that includes a bunch of information including your energy type, strategy and authority.

No Internal Authority

Human Design Chart Meanings Library

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The Energy of this Authority

  • Only Reflectors will have this authority.
  • This authority has a wispy and ethereal vibe because it is ruled more by the moon than the sun.
  • Every month or lunar cycle there is a theme for this individual. If they pay attention they will find that they live in 28-day cycles.

How it Works

  • Answers of “yes” or “no” do not come in the now. Ideally, you allow the world to give you direction over the next 28 days (a lunar cycle)
  • When you are trying to make a decision it is ideal to have a trusted sounding board. You are using this person as a sounding board and you are not seeking advice from them. You are using your open centers to access your bodily information as you are speaking through your voice.
  • Here is an example of how this authority speaks to you. When you feel expansive in your body as you are talking about the thing in question – this is a “yes”. When you feel contracted as you talk – this is a “no”.
  • It is important to pay attention and understand how this authority speaks and feels to you in your body.
  • You don’t have these moment-to-moment strategies that are consistent for you. It is more about living with your own set of rules and following the beat of your own drummer

Practical Tips

  • Remember, this only applies to big decisions – not small things like what to eat.
  • If you can’t wait for a full lunar cycle, respond with decisions that buy you time because the universe will “ping” you or “nudge” you with information over time. Pay attention to the synchronicities in life, you keep getting the same thought or the same message from people or things outside of yourself. Pay attention to what people say, and what you see and feel a response to on TV or social channels. It is these small nudges over time that are pointing you in the right direction.
  • You don’t have to wait for the lunar cycle to create things.
  • You may gain clarity before the end of your 28-day cycle after you have learned to trust yourself and the information that is coming to you.
  • Don’t isolate yourself during times when you need to make a decision. You need the flow of energy from others and environments to help you gain clarity.
  • You don’t have these moment-to-moment strategies that are consistent for you. It is more about living with your own set of rules and following the beat of your own drummer

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