Mental Authority Explained

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In this post, I provide high level information on Mental Authority in the Human Design system.

Mental Authority Explained

What is “Authority” in Human Design?

  • In Human Design, “authority” is how we gain clarity to make decisions. 

  • Think “BIG” decisions – not every little decision you need to make throughout a day. Big decisions = how important is it to you? For example, getting a new job or relocating to a new city.

  • There are 7 different “authority types” in Human Design. Mental authority is one of them.

How do I know what my “Authority” is?

You can discover your Human Design Authority type for FREE by going to myhumandesign and putting in your birth date, birth time and birth location. When you put in this information you bodygraph chart that includes a bunch of information including your energy type, strategy and authority.

Mental Authority

The Energy of this Authority

  • The energetics of this authority is all about observing the world around them and seeing what is the right thing to do.

  • This authority is all about your razor sharp observations, opinions and thoughts.

How it Works

  • Your Mental Authority calls you to have a deep reliance on your Ajna or Mind center and it is important for you to be able to take your razor sharp thoughts and ideas and bounce them off someone you trust so you can gain clarity so you can make big decisions.

  • When you are able to do this, it allows you to listen to yourself as you express your thoughts out loud and allow you to connect to how you really feel (in your body) about the decision.

Practical Tips

  • Mental Authority is not about making actual decisions from our Mind Center. It is about leveraging your logic, thoughts and ideas via your voice to show you whether or not the thing is correct for you.

  • Keep in mind that not everyone will make a great sounding board for talking out your decision.

  • If you have this Authority, keep in mind that because so many of your energy centers are undefined (or open), you are vulnerable to the conditioning influence of others so you need to be a ruthless curator of the energies you allow around you.

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If you are interested in all things Human Design, check out the Free Resource Library for free printable PDFs and digital products designed to support your Human Design Journey.

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