Throat Energy Center in Human Design

Throat Energy Center in the Human Design System

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Throat Energy Center in the Human Design System

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Square center located between the Ajna and G – Center. It is often colored brown. (Third energy center down from the top of the bodygraph)

Throat Center with traditional gate names

Throat Energy Center Theme

  • Manifestation, communication and speaking truths.

Understanding the Energetics of the Throat Energy Center

  • Look at how the circuitry is connected to the Throat Center and how i the Throat is supposed to express itself. Is it connect to the Solar Plexus? Is it connected to the Spleen?
  • Speaking your truth is not the same as energetically speaking your truth. (Writing, thinking, dancing is not a throat action)
  • Figuratively the Throat is all about communicating (verbally) and manifesting (literally speaking things into existence)
  • If you can express your truth – the path of speaking of it in words to it becoming a reality is quick and short.

Biological Association

  • Throat and parathyroid
  • A lot of MG’s have issues with thyroid and parathyroid because they haven’t learned to manage or balance the two parts of themselves (the Manifestor side and the Generator side)

Defined Throat Energy Center

  • The individual with a defined (or colored in) Throat center is meant to verbally express their truth
    • The defined Throat in relationship to conflict
      • It is energetically correct to call to say how you feel and/ or what you think.
      • It is important to look at what channel is connected and to which center – if the throat is connected to solar plexus you are someone who expresses how they feel (emotions) and if ajna connected to throat – share logic, thoughts and mind center.
      • If the throat is defined but not connected to Ajna or Solar Plexus – it means you have to stand behind what you say. “I don’t know where this is coming from but it is about showing up and not being afraid of conflict.”

Undefined (Open) Throat Energy Center

  • This person is a voice for others; it is a powerful tool because they are an advocate for other people. They don’t have their own specific truth to speak. They should consider the other ways they give to the world that come easy for them that is NOT talking and they should start emphasizing these gifts. It is more about advocating for others vs. speaking their own truth. In an argument, they will want to stick to objective statements (not “I feel this way”). Want to rise above the argument and see it in an objective way.
    • In relationship to conflict
      • If you have an undefined throat it may be difficult for you to say stuff on demand. You are not always the best representative of your own opinions, thoughts and feelings – sometimes you can but not all of the time.
      • You are not necessarily on this planet to speak truths – you are here to share in ways that don’t involve speaking – hug, silence, being there / present. You can speak very objectively.

Not Self Theme

  • Trying to attract attention

In My Shop

Throat Center Gates

Gate 8

  • Traditional name – Gate of Contribution
  • Theme – The tastemaker and marketeer

*Gate 12

  • Traditional Name – Gate of Caution
  • Theme – An amplifying and dramatic voice

Gate 16

  • Traditional Name – Gate of Skills
  • Theme – Natural talent shared with enthusiasm

*Gate 20

  • Traditional Name – Gate of Contemplation
  • Theme – Effervescent Truth teller

Gate 23

  • Traditional Name – Gate of Assimilation
  • Theme – An ability to explain in simple and cool-headed way

*Gate 31

  • Traditional Name – Gate of Influence
  • Theme – Influential energy

Gate 33

  • Traditional Name – Gate of Privacy
  • Theme – Processing the information that we’ve learned

*Gate 35

Gate 45

  • Traditional Name – Gate of the Gatherer
  • Theme – Directing people

*Gate 56

  • Traditional Name – Gate of Stimulation
  • Theme – Sharing your take on the facts of life

Gate 62

  • Traditional Name – Gate of Details
  • Theme – Spotting and explaining the facts

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References: The Definitive Book of Human Design – the Science of Differentiation by Lynda Bunnel and Ra Uru Hu (paid link) and Jenna Zoe’s Level 1 and Level 2 Human Design Training

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