Manifestor with Emotional Authority Decision Flow Chart

Manifestor with Emotional Authority Decision Flow Chart

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If you are a Manifestor with Emotional Authority this article is for you! So I had an idea to create a decision flowchart for each of the human design energy types and their authority, but before I do that, it is important to say that I am taking a very nuanced topic and simplifying it into a flowchart. Please know that this subject can be complicated.

In the article below, I intend to show how, step-by-step, our decision-making process works when we lean into our strategy and authority. I want to show how our strategy and authority work together and the flow chart provides a simple snapshot of how this process works (in a perfect situation of course).  

Background – Making Decisions through Human Design

When you are presented with an opportunity or a choice in life – how do you know what the right decision is for you? How do you know if something is in alignment for you? 

This is why the most important aspect of a Human Design chart is your Energy type strategy and authority.  Your “Strategy” is how you are designed to use your energy and your “authority” is the way you gain clarity to make decisions. These two aspects do not work in a silo – they work together to support us. Theoretically, when we lean into our strategy and authority we will see an increase of flow in our life. You will experience less resistance and the things we want will come to us more easily.

Manifestor with Emotional Authority Flow Chart 

Step 1 – Decision Point  

  • At the top of this flow chart, we have a triggering event or decision point. Maybe there’s a job opportunity, a job offer, a project you’ve been invited to work on, or an event you’ve been asked if you want to attend

Step 2 – Is the opportunity in alignment? 

  • The first question to ask is, “Does this thing, whatever it is, align with my skill sets, my talents, or my gifts? Does it align with my curiosity? Does it align with my passions and interests? 
  • If the answer is no, then you’re probably going to want to consider saying no to the thing. 
  • If the answer is yes, the next step is to tune into your emotional authority

Step 3 – Tap Into Your Emotional Authority

First, we need to talk about how the emotional wave works. As a Manifester with emotional authority, you have your own emotional wave. Think about ocean waves – they go up and they go down. And like the ocean waves, your mood will go up and down in its own cycle. You will have times when you are in a higher mood or a good mood. And then during other parts of your emotional wave, you will feel in a lower mood. You will also feel calm and cool when you are in a neutral place.

You mustn’t make big decisions. when you are in the high or the low of your emotional wave because if you’re in the high of your wave, you might say yes to something that you later think back and go, gosh, why did I say yes to that thing? Or if you’re in the low of your emotional wave, you might want to say no to something because you’re not in the best mood but then later you’re thinking, “Gosh, why didn’t I say yes to that thing?”

Because of this, those with an emotional wave need to buy time or take time before deciding on something.  For example, if you get a job offer the best thing you can do for yourself is say, “Hey, when do you need to know or have a response for me? May I have, 24 to 72 hours to consider this offer?” And then what you’re going to do during that time is check in with yourself throughout that time period. Ask yourself, “How am I feeling about this thing right now? Am I feeling good about it? Am I not feeling good about it? Does it make me feel expansive? Does it make me feel contracted? How does it feel to me?”

Tips for those with emotional authority:

  • Get to know your emotional wave cycles. Recognize when you are up, recognize when you are down, and also notice when you are feeling neutral.
  • Sleep on it
  • Don’t make a decision when you are feeling desperate.
  • Respond with statements or questions that buy you some time

Step 3 – Clarity or Confusion? 

After tuning into your emotional authority you should have clarity on the decision that is right for you.

But let’s say that you’ve allowed yourself some time and you’re still not sure. Maybe you aren’t clear on how the voice of your authority shows up. You don’t understand how emotional authority speaks to you, so you don’t have a clear answer.

If you don’t have a clear answer, the next thing you want to consider is, is the voice of my mind clouding out my intuitive voice?

Step 4 – Mind vs. Intuition 

How do we tell the difference between our mind and our intuition? 

The voice of the mind will be…practical, grounded in logic and it will be telling stories that often sound like the external voices we listen to (e.g., parents, coaches, random people on the internet, etc.)  

Whereas, the voice of your intuition will NOT make logical sense.

So what does that look like? In the example of a job opportunity, that is going to look like a voice telling you, “Well, you shouldn’t apply for that job or you shouldn’t accept that job because you don’t have the right credentials.” Or “You don’t have the right background for that position.” 

In an example of being invited to an event, that voice might say, “You shouldn’t go to that event because so and so might be there.” Or “You SHOULD go to this event because there is a social obligation and people are going to be upset if you’re not there.”

You see the mind tells stories. It tells us that we are not qualified enough, that we are not good enough, or it might not be the right opportunity because it “Doesn’t make enough money.

So why is it important that we NOT allow the mind to make decisions for us? Because that is where the MAGICK HAPPENS! 

 From a Human Design perspective, the more we can listen to that intuitive voice (our authority), the more we can free the mind to express its genius in everything that we do. The mind should not be controlling where we go, and what decisions we make. In a perfect scenario,  should be leaning into our intuition and allowing it to guide us through life.

So the more you can learn the difference between the voice of your mind and your intuition – the easier life decisions will become. 

Tune into the intuitive voice within, that knowing feeling within you that says, “This is the right decision for me” even though you can’t provide a logical explanation as to why. It is important to tune in and ask, “Does this feel good to me? Will this thing make me feel how I WANT to feel? 

Anytime you are using the word “should” – this is the voice of the mind. In a perfect situation, you want to go with the intuitive hit that feels right but can’t be explained by logic.

Step 5 – Decide and Inform 

And because you’re a manifestor, once you’ve made your decision, that’s when you can inform others around you of what you’re doing.

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