Solar Plexus Energy Center in Human Design

Solar Plexus Energy Center in the Human Design System

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Solar Plexus Energy Center

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The Solar Plexus energy center is both a motor and awareness center that is often colored in brown and is located between the Root, Sacral, Heart and Throat centers.

Solar Plexus Energy Center

Solar Plexus Energy Center Theme

  • Emotions and feelings

Understanding the Energetics of the Solar Plexus Energy Center

  • This center creates motion and energy as it processes emotions
  • This energy center is NOT about feeling fears and anxieties. (Those experiences are associated with the Spleen Energy Center).

Biological Association

  • Kidney, pancreas and bladder

Defined Solar Plexus Energy Center

  • This person has their own emotional wave so they have a bit of a buffer from the emotions of others.
  • The emotions they experience are consistently their own and they have their own emotional cycle.
  • It is helpful for this individual to identify and have awareness of their unique emotional pattern.
  • It is especially important for this person to make decisions when the feel calm, cool and collected.

Undefined Solar Plexus Energy Center

  • This individual is normally cool, calm and collected when on their own.
  • Because they don’t have their own emotional wave they have the ability to pick up on what everyone else is feeling and amplify these feelings.
  • They have to pay attention and remember that the emotions they are picking up on is not them and they should not allow themselves to be defined by it.
  • If they are feeling something, it’s from an external cause, a situation or picking up from a person.

Not Self Theme

  • Avoiding confrontation and truth

In My Shop

Solar Plexus Gates

Gate 6

  • Traditional Name – Gate of Friction
  • Theme – Attunement to intimacy

*Gate 22

  • Traditional Name – Gate of Openness
  • Theme – Grace and Charm

Gate 30

  • Traditional Name – Gate of Feelings
  • Theme – Ability and desire to feel deeply

*Gate 36

  • Traditional Name – Gate of Crisis
  • Theme – Solving emotional issues

Gate 37

  • Traditional Name – Gate of Friendship
  • Theme – Love of communion with your personal community

*Gate 49

  • Traditional Name – Gate of Principles
  • Theme – Altruism

Gate 55

  • Traditional Name – Gate of Spirit
  • Theme – Feeling the fullness of life

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References: The Definitive Book of Human Design – the Science of Differentiation by Lynda Bunnel and Ra Uru Hu (paid link) and Jenna Zoe’s Level 1 and Level 2 Human Design Training

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