Projector Energy Type in Human Design

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Projector Energy Type in Human Design

This post describes the Projector Energy Type at a high level.

What is an energy type in Human Design?

  • Energy type is the first thing that identifies an individual in Human Design.
  • It shows how we are supposed to exchange energy with the world around us (everything in life is an energetic trade).
  • Each energy type does have a specific way that energy should be exchanged with the world and we will have more flow when we use this energy correctly.
  • If we can master our energy type, we will encounter less resistance and the things that are meant for us will start to flow towards us.
Projector Energy Type in Human Design
Projector Energy Type

A Projector’s Human Design Chart

Projector Types

Projector Aura

  • The Projector’s relationship to energy is to tweak, to guide, and to bring efficiencies.
  • Projectors are non-energy beings – they are not here to create new energy in the world. Because of this, projectors can burn out quickly.
  • Projectors are here to be guides for the tribe. They have an ability to see something the way others can’t.
  • Projectors are here to see others and they want to be seen and recognized by others.

Project Strategy

  • What is “Strategy”? In Human Design, “Strategy” refers to how we can energetically move through the world so we can attract the things that are meant for us.
  • What is Projector Strategy? “WAIT TO BE INVITED”
    • If a projector volunteers to share wisdom without being asked or invited to do so (energetically), then they are often disregarded.
    • Projectors should not give insights or share advice unsolicited.
    • If they share when not invited, they may be perceived as bossy, pushy, etc.
    • It is better for the Projector to conserve their energy and wait to be asked.
  • The two things need to be in place for the correct energy exchange:
    • Space in the other person’s aura for the wisdom to land
    • The other person’s recognition that the projector has something to share.
  • What does waiting for the invitation look like?
    • It is an ENERGETIC invitation – not always a verbal invitation.
    • Someone seeing what you are good at and saying, “Wow you are so good at x”.
      • You may be asked for your advice or to work with them in some way.
    • People buying product is an invitation.
    • People following you on social media is an invitation.
  • What to do while waiting for an invitation
    • The Projector can curate their energy so others see them as guides. If they are living their design – then invitations come.
    • They don’t have to wait for the invitation to…
      • Ask a friend to go out to eat
      • Create a product
      • Start a project.
      • Research what is lighting them up
    • The Projector should remember that not every invitation is energetically correct for them and they will need to consult their authority to determine if it is correct or not.

Projector Survival Guide

The Projector Signature

  • What is signature? How an individual feels or experiences life when they are living their design.
  • What is Projector signature? SUCCESS
    • When a Projector sees and experience success externally, it means that they are sharing what they are here to share with the world.
    • Experiencing success means that they are living according to their design.

Projector Not-Self

  • What is the “Not-Self”? In Human Design, the “Not-Self” are the qualities we experience when we are NOT living our design. Or not in alignment with our energy type.
  • Projector Not-Self – BITTERNESS
    • When a Projector is experiencing a Bitterness, they are likely spending too much time focusing on what is going wrong with life.

Projector Reflection Journal

Projector Reflection Journal

Common Challenges for Projectors

  • Projectors often buy into the conditioning that they need to “hustle” 24/7 and they should understand that their energy is not designed to work that way.
  • Projectors may not understand how their energy operates and may spend time beating themselves up for not keeping up with other types. Projectors should trust the flow of their own energy which is not consistent.
  • Projectors may experience frustration when they offer advice before there is an invitation to do so. When this happens their guidance may often be disregarded.

A Few Practical Tips for Projectors

  • Projectors would benefit from discovering and understanding what it is that they see uniquely. What they see that others do not.
  • When a Projector notices they are experiencing bitterness, they should realize they are still giving energy to things that are not right for them. They should then start removing their energy from things that are not enhancing their life or lifting them up.
  • When Projectors experience a lack of energy, they should focus on “low-output” work. Activities that develop their special skills. Activities such as reading, internal processing, observing and research.
  • If you are a Projector, grab your free Projector Survival Guide here.

This description is intended to be high-level and not a deep dive into this energy type. Because all energy types and individual charts have so many layers it is recommended to consult a Human Design Reader to get a full reading of a chart.

If you are interested in all things Human Design, check out the Free Resource Library for free printable PDFs and digital products designed to support your Human Design Journey.

References: The Definitive Book of Human Design – the Science of Differentiation (paid link) by Lynda Bunnel and Ra Uru Hu and Jenna Zoe’s Level 1 and Level 2 Human Design Training

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