Projector Survival Tips

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Projector Survival Tips

The Projector Survival Tips in this post are intended to be a quick and concise summary of helpful information for Projectors. If you don’t know your human design energy type you can find out for free here – LINK.

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Projector Survival Tips

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Projector Survival Tips

1 – Tips for leaning into your energy type

  • Attract what you want by honoring your gifts. The things that the Projector attracts into their life are in direct proportion to how well they recognize THEMSELVES. It is important that you recognize how great you are and to be truly grateful for your gifts and talents.  When you see how your gift is unique and of value to the world, your energy aligns with the universe.

  • You are not here to be passive and you do not need an invitation to:
    • Apply to a job that is advertised (but the energy needs to be correct – not coming from a place of desperation). 
    • Sharing what you love via a social media platform, a workshop, a book, a podcast, a video or a blog. Share what you see and how you see it.
    • Create a product or service or art. 
    • Start a project.  
    • Negotiate a raise as long as you’re in your own worth energetically.

  • Invitations are ENERGETIC and take many forms:
    • Someone seeing what you are good at “Wow you are so good at x” and asking for advice or asking you to come to work with them.
    • People buying products or services from you is an invitation. 
    • People following you on social media is an invitation.

Projector Reflection Journal

2 – Tips for Rest and Self Care 

  • Practice doing nothing. Try to find at least 30 minutes each day where you practice doing nothing.  This will help break the conditioning that you always need to be doing something and allow space for clarity.

  • Balance career and rest. Honor rest as you are not designed to be working constantly and there is likely a lot of deconditioning to do. Sleep and rest are equally important to work. It is ok for you to do a lot more during a certain period of time (for example setting up a business) but understand that this is not how you should operate all of the time.

  • Honor your energy cycle. Your energy will be more inconsistent or unpredictable and you may spend time beating yourself up over the fact that you can’t just “make things happen”. Get to know how your energy works. Projectors ARE supposed to be energetic, it is just that your own energy is efficient and cyclical. You are also designed to “borrow” or ride the energy of others as needed.

3 – Tips for Work, Career, and feeling “in flow” 

  • Your best investment is to figure out what niches come very easily to you. The things you can do in your sleep are the things you should be doing in your life and could be the key to your success. If you know what it is that you see uniquely (your niche), consider how you want to use your gift and how you can become an expert in it.  If you are unsure, indulge in learning, exploring new things, or ask the universe for guidance.

  • Leverage your design and work efficiently. For Projectors, there is a difference between doing work that feels like output and makes you tired vs. work that builds your skills and hones a craft. The key for you is to figure out what tasks deplete your energy vs. the ones that don’t. If a task depletes your energy then it’s considered WORK. If the task doesn’t deplete your energy then it is considered HONING YOUR SKILLS. Learn what that looks like for you and try limiting WORK time to 2-3 hours each day and use the rest of your time to HONE YOUR SKILLS.

  • Find a “Projector Friendly” Job (often easier said than done of course!):
    • Awareness of yourself will go a long way. Understand your chart and know which type of projector you are (Classic, Mental or Energy Projector). 
    • Be patient and play with your energy and figure out what work situation works best for you. 
    • Look for a job or career that allows you autonomy to set up your day in the way that is ideal for you and your energy cycle. 
    • Lastly, also consider that you can strategically use your open sacral to ride the energy of others to get things done so having specific people around you or being in a co-working space would be energetically correct for you.

4 – Tips for what to do when you are feeling bitter at the world

  • Avoid thinking that “productivity” makes you worthy. The biggest challenge for a Projector is feeling like they have to conform with the way the world works. From an energetic perspective, you are not built to keep up with Generator or Manifesting Generator energies even though you may feel a need to prove you can. Ironically, the more you trust the flow of your life, the more stuff will start happening for you.

  • Curate your energy. There are things you can do to curate your energy so others see you as a guide and ask you to share your gifts. When you invest in the niches you are good at, other people will receive your energy differently. They will subconsciously pick up on your aura and will understand that you know things or have a unique perspective. You know when you are crafting your skills from an authentic place because you would do it for free – build it and they will come. Just make sure you don’t build it SO they will come – You are doing it for YOU.

  • Know when to turn down an invitation to share your gifts. Remember, that not every invitation you receive is energetically correct for you. It is important to consult your authority to determine. You should turn down invitations when…
    • The opportunity doesn’t excite you. 
    • You just don’t want to do it. 
    • You don’t feel like you can easily do it. 
    • You don’t want to do it but are telling yourself you SHOULD because of fame, money, recognition, etc.

If you are interested in all things Human Design, check out the Free Resource Library for free printable PDFs and digital products designed to support your Human Design Journey.

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