Splenic Authority Explained

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Splenic authority explained

In this post, I discuss splenic authority at a high level.

What is “Authority” in Human Design?

  • In a nutshell, “authority” is the way we gain clarity to make decisions. When you are presented an opportunity or a choice in life – how do you know what the right decision is for you? How do you know if something is in alignment for you? Your Human Design Authority is how you achieve clarity to know the right path forward.
  • Authority is especially useful when you are making “BIG” decisions such as accepting a new job or relocating to a new city.
  • There are 7 different “authority types” in Human Design. Splenic authority is one of them.

How do I know what my “Authority” is?

You can discover your Human Design Authority type for FREE by going to myhumandesign and putting in your birth date, birth time and birth location. When you put in this information you will generate a bodygraph chart that includes a bunch of information including your energy type, strategy, and authority.

Splenic Authority

Human Design Chart Meanings Library

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The Energy of this Authority

  • Splenic hits “live” in your Splenic Energy Center and are your intuition. It is that instant knowing that something is right or wrong for you.

How it Works

  • The splenic center often communicates through an instant vibration that feels like a deep recognition that a course of action is definitely right for you. It communicates in the PRESENT and is a moment to moment thing. It will evolve over time.

  • When something is NOT right for you, the instant vibration can be experienced as instant unease, a knowing that a specific course of action isn’t safe or right for you.

Practical Tips

  • The spleen energy center is like a cat – trust is important to building a relationship with this insightful energy center.
  • When you receive your “knowing” in the now, acknowledge it even if you decide to NOT act on it.
  • Your body might use the language of fear to communicate whether something is right for you or not. The trick is to decode what the fear messages mean or how they show up FOR YOU. 
  • The lesson learned through this authority is really one of tuning in with what nervousness, anxiety and unease FEELS like in the body, and start learning when the body is EXCITED but scared or truly fearful and saying RETREAT.
  • If the feeling is “excited-nervous” that is a YES and you will need to push through the uncertain thoughts from your mind about what the future might bring.  
  • If the feeling is “icky-uneasy-nervousness”, that’s a NO and the body’s way of saying “This is not meant for you”.
  • The key to Splenic Authority is to avoid overthinking and over-analyzing your splenic sensations as they’re happening. Don’t try to rationalize the decision in the moment. Save reflection for AFTER the action.

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