Spleen Energy Center in the Human Design System

Spleen Energy Center in the Human Design System

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Spleen Energy Center in the Human Design System

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The Spleen Energy Center is an awareness center that is often colored brown and is located on the left-hand side of a bodygraph. Connecting centers are the Sacral, Root, Heart, G-Center and Throat.

Spleen Energy Center

Theme of the Spleen Energy Center

  • Survival, instincts, and fears

Understanding the Energetics of the Spleen Energy Center

  • The Spleen Energy center is all about survival and it cares about helping us stay alive.
  • In Human Design, our instincts live in the spleen and not the gut which is excited by and associated with desire / creativity.
  • Fears that live inside the spleen are basic for survival.
    • Fear is the low expression of any line in the bottom. Every gate – if used the wrong way turns into a fear. If you have fear, you haven’t developed your intuition enough.

Biological Association

  • Immunity and lymphatic system

Defined Spleen Energy Center

  • This individual has a strong, reliable instinct voice. They have their own sense of fears and anxieties so it is important to work on basic fears. May not pick up on when other people are fearful. If conditioned not to listen to instinct – the need to start to listening to it.

Undefined (open) Spleen Energy Center

  • Anxiety is not a helpful driver for this individual.
  • Since they can easily pick up on the fears and anxieties of others this person really needs to be careful to not value themselves more when they are feeling anxious or afraid.
  • When experiencing anxiety or fear, this person should stop and think about what they are doing at that moment. They should be careful to not amplify or encourage the fear and anxiety they are experiencing.

Not Self Theme

  • Holding on to what isn’t good for you

In My Shop

Spleen Center Gates

Gate 18

  • Traditional Name – The Gate of Correction
  • Theme – Correction

*Gate 28

  • Traditional Name – The Gate of the Game Player
  • Theme – Fear of Running Out of Time

Gate 32

  • Traditional Name – Gate of Continuity
  • Theme – Fear of Failure

*Gate 44

  • Traditional Name – The Gate of Alertness
  • Theme – Fear of the Past Repeating Itself

Gate 48

  • Traditional Name – Gate of Depth
  • Theme – Fear of Inadequacy

Gate 50

  • Traditional Name – The Gate of Values
  • Theme – Survival Mentality

*Gate 57

  • Traditional Name – The Gate of Intuitive Clarity
  • Theme – Fear of the Future

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References: The Definitive Book of Human Design – the Science of Differentiation (paid link) by Lynda Bunnel and Ra Uru Hu and Jenna Zoe’s Level 1 and Level 2 Human Design Training

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