Speaking Things into Existence as a Manifesting Generator

Speaking Things into Existence as a Manifesting Generator

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I have an interest in talking to people who have things in their Human Design charts that I don’t have and hope to have more of these conversations. I am interested in how they experience these energies.

I am also particularly interested in the Channel of Charisma (20-34) in Human Design. It is the channel that connects the Sacral Energy Center and the Throat Energy Center. In a nutshell, it is about speaking things into existence and I have witnessed this energy firsthand with my husband and my best friend who has this channel.

In the video linked below, I talk to a good friend of mine who is a Manifesting Generator and has the Channel of Charisma defined in her bodygraph chart. We talk about how she has spoken things into existence in the past and then we end up talking about our experiences with manifestation in general. See outline below for the topics we cover.

An Outline of our Conversation including Time Stamps 

  • How we met (00:42)
  • Insights we gained when we learned about our Human Design (2:28)
  • How I Discovered Human Design (6:42)
  • Experience being a Manifesting Generator (7:40)
  • Channel 20 – 34 (Channel of Charisma) (10:54)
  • Manifestation Chat begins (24:52)
  • Vision Board Strategies (29:18)
  • Our Experiences Manifesting Money (34:03)

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